All corals from PetsFestival 2016


Or better to say, all corals on Sunday morning of the PetsFestival 2016 (italy-flag-28x19 qui l’articolo in italiano)

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

As we already said in our editorial, you can read here, we couldn’t take a picture of all the corals on saturday morning, before all enthusiasts had assaulted all the selling points. So we preferred to take pictures on Sunday morning. Obviously there weren’t just shops, but also many set up aquariums for the guests’ enjoyment.

When entering it was impossible not to notice the beautiful aquarium at the ReefLine booth, prepared by Hobby Acquari shop from Bologna, which presents a very unusual shape.

Indeed, we’re talking about a rectangular aquarium with a superior overflow that leads to a lower aquarium in which it is contained. The overflow was put all over the back side and the lighting was guaranteed by new Ecotech Marine Radion G4 for the SPS tank and by Hydra HD 52 for the lower LPS tank.


The aquarium had no fish but just corals. There were small polyped stony corals (SPS) in the higher rectangular tank and long polyped stony corals (LPS) in the lower and larger one.


The two marine aquariums lacked of fish and they had only corals in exposition. The Radion were settled in order to spread a more white light, while the Hydra were on blue tonalities, in this way they were able to make the fluorescences of the corals stand out.


The corals were astounding, both the Acroporas and the Acans, Scolymias, Trachiphyllia, Lobophyllia… a real delight for the eyes.


Here some photo shots in sequence:

Then we saw other beautiful installations in Barriera Corallina booth.


The beautiful installation you saw in the article’s opening had two aquariums placed one at the other’s back. One of them is here above, and the other is below.


One is dedicated to the SPS and the other to LPS, that’s way they have two different organizations for the light type. In this case the light is offered by Tekno Green ceiling lights.

Every coral was worthy of notice.

Let’s proceed with the stores, that were really many, as usual. Then we begin showing you Reef Joker, who was next to the entrance, on the left.


A classical photo of the staff, followed by a myriad of Scolymias, one of my favorites corals, with no doubts.

But certainly there weren’t only them

And the overviews are very beautiful, too

and consider that we’re talking about Sunday morning, when the most beautiful corals were all already gone.

many other corals on page two of our extensive reportage