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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105 – The Complete Review

The Tunze Stream Turbelle 6105 can be considered as the main product of the lineup of the Tunze pumps. This is because they can be used in aquariums from 300 to 400 liters, which are the ones most advanced aquarist chose to use today. These are those aquariums that are larger than a nanoreef but smaller than a 500 lt.

In this way they can still provide a decent catchment area, especially if we consider that 120cm aquariums of length are the ones which have the best ratio among quality/price/performance for keeping sps corals, which is reason why aquarist buy these pumps.

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Tunze versus Vortech, what’s about the better flow?

It made quite a debate in the United States an article published in Advanced Aquarist and edited by Michael Sandford, William Straka and Sanjay Joshi, which proposes a new method to calculate the flow of the propeller pumps.

Yes, because in fact the problem has not trivial resolution. How is it possible to measure the true flow from a Stream or a Vortech?

We see therefore this and and other issues, commenting on the cited article.

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How to take picture of our aquarium: photography course part II – The Pictures

After the great success of the previous section that talked about the general theory of photography and the basics to get great photos, and I recommend you to read if you had not yet done to better understand what I write in this article (you can do so by clicking here) I’m going to talk strictly about how to get good photos in aquarium, with many practical examples.

The photo is of the beautiful tank of Paolo Marzocchi

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How to take picture of our aquarium: photography course part I

During my visit to the eighth edition of Salento Aquarium, I did a lesson on a subject that I really like “Aquarium, how taking pictures“, and are therefore here, as promised, to propose a mini-course as a guideline how to photograph in the aquarium, getting the best with our equipment, obviously the course is open to all, since most of what is written applies to any photographic genre, even though the examples will focus on the photographs in the aquarium.

I hope that the course will be useful and that you enjoy reading it, and if you have any requests please leave your comments.

This is the first part that covers the basics of photography, the choice of lenses and the setting of the machine, the second part will address specifically the photographs in the aquarium, going into the details of how to photograph aquariums, fish and corals , and the last part will cover instead the development of the digital negative, the RAW file.

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How to prepare our aquarium in case of absence

It’s a fact that all aquarists, sooner or later, take a holiday, maybe just going to immerse themselves in those fabulous tropical seas where taking inspiration for their beautiful aquariums.

But when we go on vacation our aquarium is all alone, waiting for our return.

All the time that the aquarium will be alone, it will be once infinitely long and infinitely dangerous. As Murphy’s Law teaches, if something can go wrong will do so inthe  worst time and in the worst way. And with many years of aquarium on the back I can say that I’ve seen that everything can happen.

Above you can see how my tank was reduced after 8 days of absence for a trip

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we must attend carefully to everything, even if the problem could still be lurking, regardless of our gigantic efforts.

So let us analyze the problem from all angles.

  1. Fish welfare
  2. Corals welfare
  3. Tank welfare
  4. Coverage in case of electrical blackout, both short-and long-term
  5. Methods to keep track of what happens in the aquarium at all times
  6. Summarize the tasks of our substitute

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Interzoo 2010 Nürnberg: Elos News

Also this year I will begin my description of Interzoo 2010 at Nuremberg starting from Elos, as was done for the last Interzoo 2008, this is due to a long time past into the Italian stand, both for the many new features, as always Elos is usual to disclose them during this very important International Fair.

Interzoo 2010 Elos

This year’s Elos wanted to surprise us with a space stand, lit with many new solutions led, and that gave a characteristic blue light to the whole complex. Under the “passage” there were two beautiful tanks, one fresh water and one marina, as well as skimmers and calcium reactors as a corollary. Outside instead are placed two rows of tanks on the right the new fantastic Elos Midi, and to the left the SystemMini with a juicy news represented in the new Paludarium. All around the many novelties.

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Salento Aquarium – 8° edition – 2010 april 16/18 – Reportage

As anticipated by now over a month ago, I was hosted in Lecce during the event “Salento Aquariums” , where I gave a lecture entitled “Aquarium, how taking pictures“, the presentation will be online soon for free consultation.

In this adventure, I was accompanied by Zanna Bianca, and I have also quote the legendary Maurizio Quarta, our guide for Lecce and Salento Aquariums, which has made us feel at ease and accompanied us inside of a culinary journey and showed us many fascinating sides of Lecce. Thanks Maurizio.

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The project goes on: live rocks

The project goes on, after having presented the tank in the latest update of DaniReef … Here I present the new live rocks aquascape!
I think you could want to pass the mouse over the image of the live rocks if you want to see the play of light offered by LEDs (and if you have firefox).

Yes the lighting system isn’t ready, because a part of it, one of the HQi, has been serving the other tank in the attic, feature actually quite comfortable in these cases.

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The new project of DaniReef: the tank

Finally my new project takes off. After the problem of my previous tank that after two years had almost completely unstuck (see here), I ordered a new tank and thanks to Alessandro Falco who lent me his aquarium to keep “on holiday” my adored fish, I managed at last to take off.
The choice of measures has been to prefer a tank that would give the idea of being large, so a very wide format, despite the height. So I confirmed the length of the front window of 130 cm, while I had to settle of a width of 60 cm, and a total height of 50 cm, which might give a more wide aquascape, this also because of the layout I have in mind and you’ll see soon.
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One aquarium inside our TV!

Almost two years ago, after publication of my tank on Aquaportal Magazine, italian Editor Edizioni Master contacted me to write an article about creating a dvd with aquarium film.

So I did a video of my old tank, we was on 2007, and it was attached as dvd on Digital Home Magazine.

My tank was a couple of months after changing the tank, so it was not so good, but I think it worth a look

Good vision 🙂