Marsa Alam – Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina

Also this year we went in Egypt, diving paradise not far from Italy. This year we decided to change resort and we went to the Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina part of the complex Madinat Coraya, located in a strategic position, is in fact very close to the airport and very close to the diving club SeaWorld companion of many adventures.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

The resort is newly built, it is almost brand new and kept very well. You can see the usual map provided by Google where you will find:

In the map you can see only… where it will arise, because I think the map is a little bit old. It ‘s true, it is in secondary position in relation to the bay, however, I can say that access to the sea is very fast, no more than 5 minutes on foot, but on the contrary you have a very tiny and beautiful resort and where the TO really believes in it, you’ll have so many boys and girls to make you happy.

In that regard, I advise you not to take the main road to walk to the bay, more long and forces you to walk on hot asphalt, but to proceed in the first resort you encounter along the pools and get to the bay. In this way you will have walked almost always in the shade, but in any case within the beautiful gardens of the complex.

The swimming pool is at the heart of the resort, and though it is full of sharp edges, not too safe for children, it is heated and is very scenic, it then looks at the main restaurant where we ate well enough for the Egyptian standard. Until now, the resort is definitely where we ate better.

The village life takes place in an amphitheater adjacent then, where the TO does most of the shows and in an arena where we spends the other half of the time.

The Madinat Coraya Bay is truly a beautiful bay for visitors to the Red Sea. It is partly enclosed with the denial of access, to safeguard the marine life, while the remaining is with free and gradual access to the sea, ideal for children, including the presence of the sand. Then there are 2 piers, one of the diving complex, and one for the snorkelers. We preferred to rely on the Diving SeaWorld, which are Italian and are extremely nice, well prepared and competent, and are just a few hundred meters from the resort, on the other are always available to pick you up and take you to dive anywhere! This year, thanks to having made ​​the friendship with Domenico and Silvia, I worked hard in 20 dives! Great photos … you’ll see … 🙂 and after so many new locations to explore. So my advice is to forget the diving complex, which is very impersonal and to head immediately to SeaWorld, send him an email before you go and you will not regret it.

Considering snorkeling the bay of the resort is by no means bad, you can find many interesting fish and also by night it’s wonderful and easy, but you have to have the torch with you. At the bottom of the bay is then possible to see the sea eagles in the evening, a very exciting spectacle.

The snorkelers pier

Here one side of the complex overlooking the sea seen from the bay, with palm trees in the foreground. And around the bay there is a whole track “path” perfect for jogging … I was left with the idea to do some jogging in the morning … but it was stronger than me and I could not.

We begin to talk about the resort, very nice as we said before, with a structure very new and very Arabic.

The map of the resort

And the area of ​​the kids club, sometimes the air conditioning inside was really annoying, but then we realized that it depended by an animator, a bit ‘… flushed

The pool view from the poolside …

… and a view from a room overlooking the pool itself

Color play in the corridors of the resort

The pool bar, fully stocked and always ready to give us some good pizza, certainly not to the level of Italian pizza, but made the necessary distinctions were truly fabulous!

The inevitable life jackets for the pool …

One of the passages between the amphitheater and the pool area, where, among other things, there was o so many Egyptian shops

At this point we move to see the beautiful bay of Madinat Coraya

Here a view from the seashore, where you can see that blue does not cross the limit to avoid damaging a protected part of the bay

Here instead you can easily see the vastness of the bay and at the bottom there are the two piers, one for diving and one for the snorkelers

When it is evening here and then you see the lights reflected in the pool, creating a beautiful atmosphere

Not to mention the beautiful sky that you can meet in Egypt … in this picture you can see the beautiful moon that just sort is reflected in the sea … while on the left you can see the stars …

The menu as we said it was definitely above average, better than other resorts we’ve been in Egypt, and without any problems of acute dysentery, as always advise you to take a good dose of lactic ferments (I don’t know how to tranlsate, I hope it was acceptable) and during the journey, not drinking too hard with the many frozen drinks that are offered to us, and to cover up when you have to go to dinner in the “cold” restaurant. All small attentions that we generally avoid the discomfort of the stomach.

Below we present a typical Egyptian dish that we have served in the Egyptian restaurant near amphitheater. One dinner is offered … is in fact not so much, but have fun:) Enjoy!

And finally, a gallery of photographs dedicated to animation, we had two weeks to live so special and so full of events! An animation is excellent for children and also for us, with highly variable and very engaging programs, without, of course, becoming pedantic. Summing up the excellent entertainment that we all want in a resort!

And in the next few days expect some great pictures underwater … This year I was also equipped with external flash, and the pictures were amazing!

Some of them have been exhibited in OceanoMare, and others are on permanent display this summer at the Oltremare Park in Riccione!

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