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Red Sea ReefMat 500 the ultimate roller filter – in depth review with video


The filter as in Star Wars

The filter was created to be hung from an edge of the sump, or to be held up by 4 supports that engage under the filter itself. On one side of the filter, in fact, there is a coupling to be inserted on the glass, as we can see in the following photos. In order to do this, two rubber supports have to be inserted at the bottom of the filter, which are used to keep it upright and to keep the hard plastic of the filter from coming into contact with the side glass of the sump.

If this configuration is not congenial to us, either because of the water level in the sump or for other reasons, it is possible to engage four legs under the filter.

This keeps the filter elevated and at the right height to work well. But the surprises didn’t end there -because have you seen that plastic container under the legs in the photo? (Which then looks to me like the legs of some Star Wars machine, don’t you think?).

The container for filter material

The filter carries a plastic container that fits under the filter itself, creating a forced-circulation passageway from re-entry from the aquarium.

The filter has a very large mesh to let water through, so it is suitable for holding filter material inside a sock. Good for activated carbon, but also for zeolite for those who want to use it. While I see it as not very suitable for antiphosphate resins, which work better in a fluidized bed filter. The container fits under the ReefMat by sliding it on a pair of plastic guides.

A brilliant stunt, combining, as they say, the useful with the delightful. And as always the simplest ideas are the most ingenious. Since the water has to go right through there anyway.

The Filter Management App

To work, the filter must be connected to the ReefBeat App. A very simple application, as you can see in our dedicated video, where we show you the step-by-step configuration of the system.

Above we show you the main screens. In the first one you see the first page, after configuration. That shows you the usage, the daily progress, the average progress, and how far to the end of the roll. In the second image, on the other hand, you see a graph and the various links to do the installation of a new roller. Finally in the third image you see the configuration settings. Unfortunately, to date, there is no Italian language.

Particolare del ReefMat 500
Detail of ReefMat 500

Final comments

As we have had the opportunity to say, we really liked this filter. Both for the size, really small compared to the ones we have seen so far. But especially for the ease of installation and maintenance. Easy, very easy. And the app is a little gem. And you can even find a filter material container that comes with it. Honestly hard to ask for more.

Once again we find ourselves saying that the price is honestly low, we are talking about only 330 euros for the small version and 350 euros for the larger version. If you want a roller filter this is definitely a choice to consider. But watch out in the house, ready to review, we have another one … so in a few weeks we can see which one is better. Stay tuned. You can’t find the filter on Amazon (yet), but there is the replacement roller instead.


Minimum size;
Easy installation and maintenance;
Objectively low cost;
Practical and quick system of attachment to glass;
Container for filter material;
Very well made app.


It may not be super easy to remove the used roller from its winder;

Red Sea ReefMat 500 il filtro a rulli definitivo - recensione

RedSea ReefMat 500 – summary table

Construction quality
Red Sea ReefMat 500 il filtro a rulli definitivo - recensione

We remind you that the Italian distribution of Red Sea is handled by Mantovani Pet Diffusion.

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