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UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200 review – what an amazing skimmer


We’ve tested this skimmer for a long time, also because of the forced break due to the CoronaVirus, and Jonathan and I were thrilled. Even in this case we measured 1.300 l/h of air aspiration. It’s the third skimmer that comes close to that.

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We’ve followed UltraReef since its born, when we met for the first time at the Aqua Beach in Cesena in 2012. Since then, but in particular since their skimmers, a long time has passed. This new skimmer UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200 not only is completely different from its previous samples but it works perfectly. I know, I know, we often say this, but we’re interested in try tools that we’d love to have in our aquariums, so we do a selection before. Then how well they will perform is something we intend to assure with our reviews.

Even in this case we measured a water rate of… well, you will see on page two! We’re so thrilled about because it’s an essential data for the correct managing of the aquarium, even if the companies don’t release it anymore.

The skimmer is very well buid, solid and heavy. The skimming pump is external and it leaves more space inside the body of the skimmer for the bubbles to thicken, moreover it facilitates the cleansing of the tool.

Technical characteristics of the UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200

Skimming pump Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24
Volume of treated water from 700 to 2.300 l/h
Volume of treated air from 300 to 1.400 l/h
Consumption of the pump from 10 to 36 watt
Dimensions 290x390x600 mm
Suggested water height in sump 18-22 cm
Price 1.019 euro


The construction of the skimmer is excellent, it’s very difficult to imagine something better. Sure, the whole ensemble is quite heavy, if you’re searching something more lightweight this muscular skimmer it’s not for you. But look at it: it’s flawless, just look at the base for the skimming pump. This detail alone is enough to make you understand the quality of this object.

Speaking of functioning there’s a classic set, maybe a little old style. In fact, now many skimmers are built with the pump inside in order to take up less space, but speaking of quality their skimming is inferior to the external pumps, because of the differences of the available space. Anyway the skimmer works pushing air and water together inside the main body where they’re moved concentrically until the bubbles don’t get into the glass. The skimming pump, as usual, is a Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24 that takes water to some cm from the bottom of the sump.

The body of the skimmer has a diameter of about 20 cm that decreases thanks to the conical shape and it’s 60 cm of height, glass included.

In the inferior part of the glass there’s a hole, closed with a John Guest join, from where the skimming fluid can be ejected. Even in this case we would like to have the classic pipe with the sink, but only because we’ve already tried one and we noted that this configuration is more practical. But it’s no big deal, also because it could be easy to replace both in terms of speed and cost.

The assembling of the skimmer UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200 is simple and allows a practical and complete disassembling and reassembling at home, thanks also to the lack of the diffusion plate. The extreme simplicity is granted by the choice of placing the pump externally and inputting water and air with circular motion.

The glass is light, and can be easily inserted in its base. You only have to place and push it a little bit. Even in this Typhoon there’s the EasyFlip system, that’s the system through which we can extract the glass with one hand (very useful, you can see it in the video). Moreover, the glass itself can be completely disassembled, for the best cleaning offer.

Pump and regulation

The pump, ad we have said, is a Sicce PSK-SDC 2600 DC24, designed for a maximum rate of 2.600 l/h in normal situations. It’s an adjustable and direct current pump. We did all the measurements using the pump at its maximum power.

You have the controller to change the flow rate of the skimming pump and make it adjust to your aquarium. I usually prefer to keep the maximum power but I understand that for other this is an important feature. You can also log to the cloud system of Sicce and control the pump through the specific app.

The skimming UltraReef Typhoon UKD 200 is available in a monopump configuration, then we didn’t have to worry about the amount of incoming water and air, neither their relationship. In this case UltraReef has already decided for us. The suggested level to keep in sump has to be between 18 and 22 cm.

The external pump has the big penality of the occupied space in sump in face of a better maintenance. Moreover, UltraReef informs, the external supply allows to limit the losses thanks to an input channel. The extreme comfort of the external pump is most appreciated in the moment you have to clean it. It can be easily extracted and cleaned. This is also useful if the pump gets ubstructed. In a few minutes of maintenance you can come back to skim.

In order to change the calibration of the skimmer you have to turn the pommel over the drain, that determines the level of water inside the body.

Set up

The set up is very easy. It’s impossible to make mistakes.

The article continues on page two with the functioning, the performances and our measurements.

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