GNC Bluray M finally on sale with 294 low power led

Plafoniera a led GNC Bluray MGNC stared a few days ago to make available its brand new Bluray M, presented at the Nuremberg Interzoo of this year.

Amtra sabbie e decorativi

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We’re talking about the new ceiling light of 30 cm of length with the classic distribution of low power led, as the company has accustomed us.

We don’t have to specify that the ceiling light is very, very beautiful. But let’s see its specs.

Technical characteristics of the GNC BluRay M

  • Dimensions: 300x230x40 mm;
  • Aquarium covering: 65×65 cm;
  • Total led: 294 led;
  • White led 12.000°K: 168;
  • Royal Blue led 450 nm: 98;
  • Red Deep led 660 nm: 28;
  • Consumption: 65 watt max;

This version of the ceiling light is dedicated to the world of the marine aquarium.

As you can see the number of led is incredible. 294 led per 65 watt of maximum consumption, it means that every led is steered with less than 0,25 watt! This means steering the led with low power, heating them just a bit, and so increasing proportionally their last.

Plafoniera a led GNC Bluray M

Each ceiling light has its own integrated form in order to change the usage parameters. As you can see in the following picture:

Modulo di controllo per Plafoniera a led GNC Bluray M

The selling price is 549 euro.

Plafoniera a led GNC Bluray M e Bluray a confronto

In the previous picture, still from the Interzoo, you can see a classic Bluray facing a couple of Bluray M on the left.

From now on the aquariums of 40-50 cm have a new proposal of quality to choose. In truth, GNC indicates 60-65 cm, but we think that for 60-65 cm we prefer the classic Bluray, at least for hard corals SPS. And you, what do you think? Do you like these ceiling lights?

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