Cips 2017: Editorial. We were there and we’ll tell you about


A few, in truth.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Red Sea Reefer PeninsulaYou can see one of them in this beautiful aquarium Peninsula by Red Sea, but if we don’t tell you what’s about, you can hardly figure it out by yourselves.

All the companies we know are ready for Interzoo. They didn’t bring there their news for avoiding being copied. And consider that Chinese people thinks the same thing, not only us, western people.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Plafoniera ZetlightZetlight delighted us with a submarine ceiling light. And obviously this isn’t the way you’re going to use it, but you can’t say it’s not waterproof.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Smart Water Changer Pro da Smart Reef

The trend of the moment are tools for an automatic change of water. They’ve been presented by everyone more or less, and here you can see the one we liked the most, by a little chinese company in search of investors, Smart Reef. We will talk again about it.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Schiumatoi da RedStarFishAnother very interesting chinese company RedStarFish presented us an incredible plate for spreading bubbles in skimmers. You should see what a foam it can produce. As the Americans say…  unbelievable!

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Schiumatoi da RedStarFish


Cips 2017 a Shanghai: AutoWaterChanger da AutoAqua

Another Automatic Water Changer by AutoAqua. Tool already seen at Macna.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Giranti in titanio da da Macro Aqua

Titanium impellers by Macro Aqua, ready for their own square skimmers.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Schiumatoi quadrati da Macro Aqua

Very weird…

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Automazione in acquario da Jiyin

Jiyin presents a booth resembling an Apple Store, with aquaristic tools and accessories sold in boxes like iPhones. We will talk again about it because we’ve a lot to say about.

The Aquascaping

Be prepared to be amazed. We saw things that we can’t forget…

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Aquascaping

It’s hard to choose the most beautiful.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Aquascaping

But we took a picture of (almost) all of them (someone wasn’t finished yet) because we’re going to show them to you in the next future.

The fish, or rather the king of the CIPS 2017: the Arowana!

We’re talking about the king of these latitudes. The Arowana.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Arowana

Very strange fish, very colorful and enormous. They were really impressive.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Arowana Gold

They were red or golden for the major part. Here below you can see all the pictures, because it’s improbable for us to dedicate an entire article to them. Just know that their price was of several tens of thousands of dollars… nothing but rare australian Acroporas…

Beautiful… And then you turn around and find out that there’s even a competition for the most beautiful shrimp… Even in this case it’s very difficult to choose.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: Shrimp contest

I don’t know in what type of aquarium you can insert them, but they were gorgeous.

And again some strange fish…

Cips 2017 a Shanghai

But moving on the fish topic… Look what weird aquariums have been presented.

Cips 2017 a Shanghai: acquari strani

Don’t you want one of these?

I was thinking about ordering one…

For now we’ve done. We’re waiting for you in the next days for the deepen of the most interesting details and products.

In depth articles of the CIPS 2017

Here below you can find the links to the insights we will write day by day. So stay tuned.

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