GNC BluRay – this new ceiling light promises a real spectacle!

Plafoniera a led GNC BluRay - la distribuzione dei LedGNC presents the new GNC BluRay ceiling light, that promises a real spectacle from the beginning. Potete leggere l’articolo anche in italiano cliccando qui.

Amtra sabbie e decorativi

The last product we reviewed was the GNC AM 466 (review) that in spite of the price has gained a lot of approvals by the whole world. Today GNC presents a brand new project with some improvements, with this ceiling light named GNC BluRay.

The ceiling light follows the “sister”, with a high number of led, spread over a wide surface, and this successful choice makes it compete against the Philips CoralCare (article), which have a similar setting.

Technical characteristics of the GNC BluRay

  • Dimensions: 300x400x40 mm;
  • Aquarium covering: 90×70 cm;
  • Total led: 588 led;
  • White Led 12.000°K: 336;
  • Royal Blu Led 450 nm: 196;
  • Red Deep Led 660 nm: 56;
  • Consumption: 130 watt max;

Plafoniera a led GNC BluRay - acquario in ambiente

As you can see the led number is incredible. 588 led and 130 watt of maximum consumption, it means that each led is driven with less of 0,25 watt! Piloting the led with low current and warming them slightly allow to proportionally increase their duration.

The spectrum is declared complete and, differently from the first GNC AM 466, there have been added some red led with an emission of 660 nm. Indeed, I can confirm that the spectrum of the first GNC was amazing but it tended pretty much to the cold colorations. I think it is very appreciated this touch of red.

Plafoniera a led GNC BluRay - spettro luminoso

 GNC BluRay led ceiling light- light spectrum

The declared PAR by GNC start from around 300 and decrease until 150 in the peripheral and usable zones. In the following graphic there aren’t numerical references, but we believe that until 70 cm the coverage is excellent.

Plafoniera a led GNC BluRay - distribuzione PAR

GNC BluRay led ceiling light – PAR distribution

GNC BluRay programming

One of the main problems with the previous series of GNC ceiling lights was the lack of a dedicated controller. At the beginning was only possible to dimming in the turning on and off, very pleasant, but it wasn’t possible to operate upon the power combination of the single led channels. This was one of the successful characteristics of the ceiling light, not to mention its consumption and softness. Then some box for the regulation of the percentages of the white and the blue has been made, but this setting remained fixed for the entire day.

Today the GNC BluRay ceiling light evolves. Each ceiling light has a wifi module on board and it will be possible to set the main parameters by browser, like the dimming of the three available channels, and dimming at dawn and sunset.

Plafoniera a led GNC BluRay - programmazione tramite smartphone

GNC BluRay led ceiling light – planning by smartphone

Now let’s analyze the price. The previous ceiling light, the GNC AM 466, was very expensive and wasn’t well widespread in the aquarist world.

But today the new GNC BluRay ceiling light has a selling price of “just749 euro!

I think it’s a very interesting price considering the promised coverage. It’s like 5,76 euro per watt!!! An extremely low value for its characteristics!

The ceiling light seems beautiful in picture. The previous generation was already fabulous, so we believe that this one can only improve. The gaps of the previous model, like the price and the planning, have been filled. We just have to wait for its release on the market, hoping that soon we can have it in our aquariums, for our measurements and confrontations.

For other informations here’s the GNC site.

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