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The new Rossmont Mover MX pumps will have until 15200 liters for hour!



After more than one year, Rossmont is ready to present their new Mover MX pumps, another time, they claim to have built one of the smaller pumps in the world with the same characteristics.

Amtra offerte per acquario

The Rossmont Mover MX, as the Rossmont Mover M before them, are pumps with fixed flow rate.

Also this time Rossmont has made the things easy, the code for every pump is built with the model, MX, and the flow rate after it. Easy and complete. I like this way to do the things.

From today, the new Mover MX will have four pumps:

  • Mover MX 9800 from 9.800 l/h and with a power consumption of 16 watt, and the efficiency is 613 litres for watt;
  • Mover MX 11600 from 11.600 l/h and with a power consumption of 18 watt, and the efficiency is 644 litres for watt;
  • Mover MX 13400 from 13.400 l/h and with a power consumption of 20 watt, and the efficiency is 670 litres for watt;
  • Mover MX 15200 from 15.200 l/h and with a power consumption of 24 watt, and the efficiency is 633 litres for watt;

From this table we can see that the new Mover MX 13400 is the most efficient pump, but we have to admit the efficiency is incredibly good for every pump in the MX range, the different values are very close each other.

Mover MX Technical data

So the pumps are very interesting not only for their efficiency, but also for their size, very very small. All the four pumps have the same size, and for what we know now, 10 cm from glass and only 7,5 cm for the pump itself.

The magnets are sufficient for glass with thickness until 19mm.

Mx models dimensions

Now let’s take a look to the european price (I think Italian price), so we can say if they’re truly interesting or not:

  • Mover MX 9800 with 9.800 l/h will cost 109,90 euro
  • Mover MX 11600 with 11.600 l/h will cost 119,90 euro
  • Mover MX 13400 with 13.400 l/h will cost 129,90 euro
  • Mover MX 15200 with 15.200 l/h will cost 139,90 euro

These prices are truly interesting, and the economic efficiency is interesting too!

89 litres for euro for the MX 9800, 97 l/€ for the MX 11600, 103 l/€ for the MX 13400 until arriving to the biggest MX 15200 with 109 l/€!

rossmont mover mx

Yes, we have fixed flow rate pumps, so it’s almost impossible to compare with the variable pumps, like Tunze or Vortech, sure the latest will have less efficiency for watt, and for euro (or USD 🙂 ), but they offer more and more.

Anyway we think they’re very incredible products.

In the meantime we wait to see them, you can read our review of the Rossmont Mover M 5800 from which the whole project it’s started.


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