Interzoo 2014: the Teco booth with new chillers by Tank Chiller Line


The Teco booth was ready to show us all the brand new chillers by Tank Chiller Line, that we have had the pleasure to introduce some weeks ago.

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After so many years when all the chillers was perfectly the same, one after the other, the new Tank Chiller Line is a great improvement for the chillers as we know them.

Teco has heard what the reefers said during the first Teco Open Day (read on) held on Acquario di Cattolica where the reefers had advised some improvements.

And so here we are to see live these beautiful objects we had just seen on video.

The new line include four elements. One, smaller, the TK 150, is completely different from the other three, the TK 500, 1000 e 1500 that share the same body with the height as the only external difference, based on different power. More height more power.


Thanks to Teco we have two of them, a TK 150 and a TK 500 to know them better and to write our in depth review.


Before our review we’ll write a complete preview in a couple of week to let you know them very well before proceding for a buying.


In any case we’ll start to present you the new Teco TK 150, with a very strange (and attractive) body. 150 watt of power consumption and 250 watt of cooling power, with a great C.O.P. equal to 1.6.


But the most interesting characteristic is the totally new “Teco Body Condenser System“, patented. With this system in mind, Teco has developed a piped body, where in the frames, pipes, can flow the water.

Let’s talk now about the bigger brothers where we have three elements very very different from the small TK 150.


The TK 500 with 225 watt of power consumption and 450 of cooling power, the TK 1000 with 315 watt of power consumption and 630 of cooling power, and last but not least, the big TK 2000 with 400 watt of power consumption and 930 watt of cooling power.

The C.O.P. is better with the following values equal to a 2, 2,1 and 2,2, respectively.


To optimize the power consumption, a great Achilles heel here in Europe, Teco has thought to use only one fan, bigger, in a way to exploit the chimney from the bottom to upwards with the usual convective path for hot air.

In this way the hot air come from bottom, rise in the chimney and come out from the top and Teco can use only one bigger fan that will rotate with less rpm and obtaining less noise and more efficiency.


Other than the big fan, the patented “Teco Air System” let’s us to adjust the air flow coming from the top, by rotating the top in any direction to meet our needs.


The air filter is fixed by magnets, so it’s extremely easy to remove it to clean the filter, and finally, is on the front panel, easy to remember for us to clean it more often than ever.

But the news are not ended here. The warranty is the best in the market, the water joints are adjustable and rotatable in two directions, so we can accost it to the cabinet, with the back or with one side, the adoption of mounting springs and the squeeze tube clamps.


And all the three bigger chillers have inside a 400 watt heater. And the price is the same of the last years.

Here you find the presentation video:

It’s obvious in the booth there was also the E-Chills, about them we wrote a review some year ago (read here).


And the bigger chillers, aimed for public aquariums, restaurants or for whom has the lucky to have a very big aquarium.


To learn more, please consult the manufacturer’s website and our Editorial about the show:


Interzoo at Nuremberg 2014 – editorial

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