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New Elos Concept80: the new way to build our aquarium


Elos will present at the fair in Nuremberg the new idea that has developed, the Elos Concept80.

It’s an aquarium completely modular and configurable. Surely a new idea of ​​designing his aquarium. Now you can finally use an online configurator, soon ​​available, and will follow step by step the construction of the system. No doubt a great idea.

You can choose the tank, which can be ordered with no overflow or with two different systems to overflow, at least from what seems to understand from images.

Amtra offerte per acquario

Along with the new Concept80 there will be also the new sump200 designed for the new PS200 skimmer. Nothing was left to chance.

Speaking with the owner of Elos, dr. Gandini, he assured us that everything will simply be ordered at the site with a simple click, without fear to have ordered incompatible accessories

The lights start as a base from beautiful Aquatop that can be configured in various ways, with or without LED, with or without t5, variable in number and power to meet the desires of consumers.

And finally the colors, that can be matched to the lateral band of the cabinet and at the top of the ceiling light fixture, to have a customization to now unrivaled in the aquarium scene.

We just have to wait for the prices … which we hope will be announced soon maybe during Interzoo. It seems that the aquarium will be ordered from the month of September.

Meanwhile you can visit the new site dedicated to Concept80


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