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Interzoo Nuremberg 2012


The 2012 is an important year for the aquarium trade, like every two years it will take the important trade fair in Nuremberg, the Interzoo. The greatest manifestation of the old continent on pets, although we’ll go there, obviously only for what concerns the aquariums.

As we know the life of many companies is close related to Interzoo, preparing the products to be presented at the fair, creating interest and gathering people to his stand to show them, so to miss the fair could be a crucial factor and a good indicator fot the health of a company.

Amtra sconto 20%

We will be there, our company, now even wider than usual, we’ll start Friday, May 18 from Rimini to go to Bologna to catch a plane and then get to Nuremberg by Monaco on the evening and will be present at the fair on 19 and 20, with starting on 21.

As usual, I will prepare a great photo-reportage, like those of past years and it is also possible that I will hold a direct line from the fair, with daily advances, as long as my trusty iPad support me.

If you want to take a look at the companies exhibiting at the fair can take a look here: companies at the fair, for now I can tell you that the major Italian companies will be present, including:

  • Anubias (hall 4 stand 218)
  • Aquatronica (hall 2 stand 211)
  • C.E.A.B. (hall 7 stand 742)
  • Croci (hall 6 stand 308)
  • Eden (hall 4 stand 316)
  • Elos (hall 4 stand 243)
  • Equo (hall 9 stand 245)
  • Ferplast (hall 5 stand 340)
  • Hydor (hall 1 stand 615)
  • LgmAquari at Sicce (hall 4 stand 534)
  • OceanLife (hall 7A stand 236)
  • PRO.D.AC (hall 4 stand 536)
  • Sicce (hall 4 stand 534)
  • Teco (hall 4 stand 204)

If some company wanted to be visited, if any readers wanted news of some specific company, if any company was present but not listed in our list, just ask us at our stand, or leave us a comment.

Also, if someone were to get some dinner gathering of some forums, please let us know;-) Otherwise we’ll eat friday evening with sauerkraut and wurstell 🙂

We thank members of our little journey: AndreaNegu, Cristian, Enzo (Hobby Acquari), Gianluca, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Lumaz, MarcoAP (Acquaportal), Massimo Iannella of RAP (Rare Aquatic Plants), Maurizio, Zanna Bianca, in addition to me… That is, a beautiful party for a wonderful trip, this time we feel the plane, so we’ll know if in two years will be better to return to the bus or to pursue this path!

The official website of the fair: Interzoo

Two years ago…!!!


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