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Blau is ready to present its first LED lighting: Blau Lumina LED


Blau Aquaristik is ready to present to the public its new LED lighting, Blau Lumina LED. There is high expectations behind this lighting thanks to the excellent impression made ​​on the market by his T5 lightings, great products at a very affordable price.

So Blau reinvents itself and will present at Interzoo the new ceiling lighting, based on Epistar LED, which according to them, provide exceptional yield around 17,500 ° K.

The lightings are made ​​of aluminum and will be equipped with 12 2-watts LEDs, with lenses to better direct light output.

To control them you can connect to an external computer, such as Profilux, Apex or others, or to a PC or you can set manually with a simple embedded controller.


Will be available at least three modules with 12 LEDs . The marine module integrates 6 led to 17,500°K and 6 blue LEDs of 450nm, the fresh water module has 12 LEDs of 6,500°K, and finally the plant-specific module has 10 6,500°K LEDs  and 2 red LEDs of 623nm.

The Lumina LED Nano will measure approximately 36.6×16, 5×4, 5 cm and should cost around 265 euros, with 12 LEDs. The Lumina LED will measure 36.6 x25x4, 5 cm with 24 LEDs on board and will cost 395 euros. While the longer model from 62.6 x16x5x4,5 cm will be available in two versions, with 24 or with 48 LEDs and a cost of 395 and 695 euros respectively.


[via ReefBuilders]

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