Diving in Red Sea, pictures and videos

Also this year we were in the beautiful Red Sea, and once again in Marsa Alam, how could you read the Report on Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina, where thanks to the superb diving Sea World and especially to the two guides that I was lucky once again to have by my side, Andrea Maffi and Roberto Piazza, I made some great diving.

This year, I had the new Canon S90, now superseded by the new S95 to tell the truth, with Canon housing and especially with the  external flash Sea & Sea Ys01 that, I have to admit it made a difference in most of the photos .

This video is a summary of all the best pictures I’ve done, horizontals, for video limitations I could not put vertical pictures. The video has been prepared in high definition, so enjoy it in full screen … it worth a while! Then I’ll look forward for your comments that forced me to share these beautiful photos.

Seven photographs were the subject of the photo exhibition held in the event OCEANO MARE:

[singlepic id=4252 w=400 h= float=center]

The beautiful helicopter … a beautiful Pterois volitans

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

[singlepic id=4249 w=400 h= float=center]

The mirror … a beautiful pair of Chaetodon semilarvatus

[singlepic id=4250 w=400 h= float=center]

A splendid Amphiprion bicinctus, very near of one incredibly beautiful red anemone

[singlepic id=4251 w=400 h= float=center]

A beautiful specimen of squid photographed in a night dive at house reef

[singlepic id=4253 w=400 h= float=center]

A beautiful sea turtle rising from the bottom to get to the surface

[singlepic id=4254 w=300 h= float=center]

Half buried in the sand … looks like a face … incredible

[singlepic id=4255 w=400 h= float=center]

One of the most beautiful sea slugs that can be seen in the Red Sea, the beautiful Spanish Dancer

More photos would have deserved to be shown and maybe some photography as I prefer, like the great picture below:

[singlepic id=4256 w=400 h= float=center]

Taken almost 40 meters in one of the best dives in Marsa Alam, Elphinstone Reef … where in truth we dived to see hammerhead sharks, but we did not go beyond that white fin shark

[singlepic id=4257 w=400 h= float=center]

But now I leave you to the movie that I hope will keep you glued to the video as it still is for me, including Acropora, clams and fantastic fish … enjoy it in HD, that is well worth

[singlepic id=4258 w=400 h= float=center]

I want to thank those who made possible these wonderful images, directly or indirectly

[singlepic id=4259 w=400 h= float=center]

While we are from left, Andrea’s SeaWorld, Domenico my partner in almost all dives, and me.
Have a good dive