Home NEWS Welcome to Reefforum friends!!!

Welcome to Reefforum friends!!!


Welcome to my website to all aquarium-keepers from Reefforum

Here you can read about my site from this beautiful forum: http://www.reefforum.net/showthread.php?t=12775

Thanks guys 🙂 and if you’ve some questions, feel free to ask!

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Ingegnere Idraulico, comincia a scrivere su DaniReef nel 2007, sviluppandolo in italiano ed in inglese, attualmente scrive per il blog americano Reefs.com e la rivista tedesca Koralle Magazin ed ha pubblicato il suo primo libro Acquario Marino qualche anno fa - Danilo is Hydraulic Engineer, began to write on DaniReef in 2007, developing it in Italian and English, currently writes for Reefs.com and the German magazine Koralle Magazin and has published his first italian book Marine Aquarium some year ago.