Vertex Omega 180i: in depth review

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i

The Vertex Omega 180i is the latest skimmer presented by Vertex during the last Nuremberg InterZoo.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

We tested this skimmer in a SPS and LPS 400 litres tank with nutrient levels to be kept as low as possible. The tank formerly wasn’t in the best of shapes due to well known dinoflagellates problems.

The first thing that catches our attention, as soon as we get the skimmer out of its box, is the astonishing craft level. Nothing has been left to chance, every single detail is appealing. Probably one of the most beautiful skimmer I have ever seen. Let’s see all its techincal characteristics in details:


Collection cup external diameter 18 cm
Collection cup internal diameter 11 cm
Thickness: 3 mm
Collection cup height: 14,5 cm (internal 12,2 cm)
Collection cup with lid height: 16 cm
Main body minimum diamter: 10 cm
Internal base diameter: 18 cm
Total height: 57 cm
Reaction chamber total height: 37 cm
Internal base height without changing dimensions: 20 cm
Power consumption: 28 watt
Air Draw: 1.000 – 1.300 l/h
Price: 564 euro

Manufacture details

Vertex Omega 180i skimmer displays one of the best quality manufacturing, if not the best, I have ever seen. The raw materials are of the best sort, and the matching of different types of plastic is absolutely perfect.


Vertex Omega 180i - ingresso dell'acqua nel corpo

The working principles are the usual adopted by basically every producer, save rare notable exceptions, with the advantage of the internal pump. It uses a highly modified Sicce PSK1000 drawing water from a 5 cm height in sump, with the water being drawned from the bottom and pushed into a half cylinder ending in a round diffuser plate with medium sized holes funnelling the water flow into the skimmer main body.

Please appreciate the foresightedness of the diffuser plates holes placed not directly above the pump outflow.

Vertex Omega 180i - pompa di schiumazione

The skimmer main body begins with a diameter of 18 cm at the base, which remains constant for about 20 cm, it then narrows to 10 cm where the collection cup inserts itself, for a total volume of approximately (excluding the cup) 7.5 litres.

The cup has a diameter of 18 cm, and the internal cylinder 11 cm. The maximum filling height is 12.5 cm, for a 2 litres capacity. To fill it to that point is almost impossible, even though I often managed to, because before getting there there would be so much sediment collected that the foaming would be slowed down and become inefficient.

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - smontato

The skimmer can be completely and easily disassembled, indicating an exquisite care in the project. The pump can be assembled first, then the double diffusion plate and the main body, all held together by the titanium screws at the base. The cup is inserted onto the main body via a screw thread system and an o-ring, the presence of them both guarantees an optimal hydraulic tightness. The system is conceived to allow the insertion of the cup without any effort, it can be screwed in and out with finger and thumb. Try it and see for yourself!

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - filettatura sul corpo

Here you can admire the screw thread system on the skimmer main body.

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - guarnizione alla base del bicchiere

Above, we can see the red o-ring on the cup base, which is to be leaned on the base of the main body upper part.

It would be impossible not to appreciate the immense care used in the engineering of the pump hooking plate, on which the skimmer main body is also fixed upon.

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - piastra di base

The pump will be placed on a softening material on the plate, the beige square in the picture, that together with the rubber feet below the plate, will contribute to maintain the noise to a minimum. Next to the beige square, there is a carving where the bulky impeller cap is laid in order to exploit every millimeter and maintain the pump at the lowest possible level in a perfect horizontal position.

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - piastra di base con gommini smorzanti

Here is the underside of the base.

Schiumatoio Vertex Omega 180i - piastra di base con gommini smorzanti

And here we can see closely on of the rubber feet.

Final Thoughts

The Vertex Omega 180i is a fantastic skimmer. It is perfectly built, with an incredible air inflow, but also with an extremely aggressive RRP of 564 euros, justified by its technical characteristics and performances, it can be blindly recommended.

Overall Score 4.5