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Zoomark 2023 in Bologna, May 15-17: informations and exhibitors

Zoomark 2023 a Bologna 15-17 maggio: informazioni ed espositori

Just a few days remain until Zoomark 2023, the international trade fair for pets, and therefore aquariums, held every two years in Bologna. It starts on 15th May.

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Zoomark is held in odd-numbered years and alternates with the Interzoo in Nuremberg. And for over twenty years, the fair has been held in Bologna. For the past few editions it has been held on weekdays, and is only reserved for retailers and stakeholders. The general public must, unfortunately, remain outside.

This year we reach the iconic 20th edition. A truly important number. Which underlines the importance of the fair on the national and international scene. The appointment is at the Bologna Fiere complex from 15 to 17 May.

The event will host, as usual, companies, service providers, publishers and the rest of the global pet industry, who will use this well-established international stage to showcase all the latest in the industry.

We at DaniReef will be there once again to provide you with the most comprehensive report on what orbits around the world of Aquarium. We will try to visit all the companies that will participate in this event and we will focus on the fourth edition of Aqua Project. A pavilion dedicated to aquatics, and especially to the display of aquariums, with an high scenographic impact. We look forward to photographing and capturing them on video as we are used to do.

In recent years the aquatics part has been on the decline, with a slight recovery in 2017, and a marked improvement in 2019. Then the pandemic changed everything, with the 2021 edition taking place in November, which was interlocutory, but this year we expect a lot, to see the consolidation of what has been done in the last editions. Of course, if I think back to my first Zoomark in 2005… it’s been a long time.

Zoomark 2023 a Bologna 15-17 maggio: fatti e statistiche

From 2009 to 2015, in fact, the number of aquarium companies participating in the event was always in sharp decline. 2015 was the low point, since then Zoomark has managed to react in the best possible way, and in 2017, as we said, there was a turnaround, confirmed with the beautiful 2019 edition. We do not give too much weight to the 2021 edition, as it is strongly influenced by the pandemic, and the forced change of period. This year it will therefore be important to see whether there will be a confirmation of what we saw four years ago. The figures that Zoomark has communicated on its website speak of a strong international component, 62% of the exhibitors, although we do not actually know how many of these are from the aquarium world.

In fact, searching for exhibitors on the Zoomark 2023 website is quite difficult because you have to go to the Catalogues section which does not immediately jump out at you. Unfortunately, the list is all-inclusive, so even if you search for exhibitors letter by letter, you might have missed some. We therefore apologise in advance if we have missed any exhibitors.

The exhibitors of Zoomark 2023

Some companies are listed with an asterisk because they are present as a brand within the distributor, so we have not mentioned them. We have only considered aquarium-related exhibitors, i.e. manufacturers of technical equipment and importers. We have not considered those who, for example, set up aquarium shops. Our resulting list is as follows:

  • AQUAEL SP ZOO – Poland – Pad. 29 Stand H23 – I26
  • ARTEMIA KORAL GMBH – Germany – Pad. 29 Stand F23 – NEW
  • COLLAR SP ZOO – Ucraine – Pad. 30 Stand A27 – A29 – A33 – A41
  • CROCI – AMTRA – Italy – Pad. 29 Mall Stand B17 – C26 – NEW
  • ESCHEMATTEO (Vitalis)- Italy – Pad. 29 Stand F17 – G18 – NEW
  • FERPLAST SPA (Hydor, Aqamai, Ferplast) – Italy – Pad. 29 Stand G23 – H26
  • FUNHOBBY ITALIA SRL (Aquamedic, HM Electronics, etc) – Italy – Pad. 29 Stand G11 – H14
  • HAGEN Group – Germany – Pad. 21 Stand A35 – B42
  • MANTOVANI PET DIFFUSION SRL (Red Sea, Teco, etc) – Italy – Pad. 29 Stand F15 – G16 – NEW
  • NEPTUNIANCUBE – China – Pad. 22 Stand CHINA PAVILION A105 – NEW
  • PRO.D.AC. INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. – Italy – Pad. 29 Stand G24 – G26
  • ZOLUX ITALIA SRL – Italy – Pad. 30 Stand B46 – C49

Definitely a stand, the 29th, to see and photograph, but the 22nd and 30th also have some interest for us.

Compared to two years ago, we note an increase, or rather a return, of some brands that had not participated in the pandemic edition. Although there were a few defections. There were a few interesting Chinese exhibitors that we do not know but whose names are promising.

Amtra and Mantovani Pet Diffusion, which are two big realities of our world, will be back.

We would like to remind you that entry to Zoomark International 2023 is reserved for industry professionals, and therefore the general public is not allowed, and children under the age of 14 are not admitted.

We can’t wait to be there, but will you? What do you think?


If any companies have been added to the fair in the moments following the writing of this article, they can let us know and will be promptly added (and visited).

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