Natural Seawater for Reef Acquarium – bottled marine water

Natural Seawater from Portugal

Dear readers, those who follow us on the forum have already heard me many times speaking about bottled water (NSW or Natural Seawater). I’ve been using it for quite a long time with excellent results.

Amtra scopri le offerte

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Since a few years, in fact, you can find cans of water on the market, wrapped in carton, containing marine water, declared biologically pure, but with the correct amount of the minerals we can find in actual marine water.

Back on the forum, I have promised you many times to write about this and here I am, starting a series of articles about this peculiar fashion.

I’ll start with presenting a water that’s entering the Italian market nowadays. It’s an european proposal, so I think it’s noteworthy.

Fragário do Norte

The water is produced (better to say “bottled“) by Carlos Mota. His story as aquarists it’s in parallel with the water he sells.

When in 2005 he set his first marine aquarium, he began to test the water of the coasts where he lived and when his aquarium grew bigger, he used marine water to save on the costs of maintaining.

Next step was the reproduction of corals. The number of tanks increased and with it, the consumption of water. The hobby became a job and many clients decided to use the same water he uses in his reproduction tanks.

After seeing in 2016 at the Mace the bottled water distributed by Julian Sprung of Two Little Fish (next article of the series), Carlos Mota decided to start his own water distribution.
This decision has been really supported by the various ICP test, for example Triton, Fauna Marin and Aquaforest.

Next time we will do a deepening about the story of this Portuguese company.

The certification of every lot of Natural Seawater

Each can of water, has the label with the data of the Triton test done on that specific lot. This allows us to verify in detail what we’re going to insert in our tanks.

Triton test Natural Seawater for Reef Acquarium

Triton test Natural Seawater for Reef Acquarium

Soon we will come back talking about this water on probation in our tanks.

For now we invite you to visit their site:

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