Automatic feeder Hydor Mixo and Ekomixo – for the times we’re away

Hydor Ekomixo automatic feeder and feed dispensedDuring summer one of the favourite topics it’s how to feed our fish while we’re not at home. An automatic feeder is the solution.

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Hydor presents two models, Mixo and EkoMixo. I discovered these feeders reading  the new Hydor web site dedicated to the direct sales to the public. I didn’t believe Hydor, well known for its pumps for pounds and aquariums, also sold these.

The models on sale are two. They’re identical except for the interface and the price is quite similar.

Hydor EkoMixo automatic feeder

The feeder EkoMixo it’s the easier of the two. It has just one button and three leds in correspondence of a growing series of little fish.

In fact it can be set in correspondence of one, two or three fish, that stand for the times the feeder will supply food in the aquarium. To set it, you just have to push the button for at least one second. It will light up the first led. If you will push again it will light up the second led and again the third one.

The planning is very easy: the time of the administration starts when you push the button, and than every 24 hours. If you plan two times of administration, it will supply food when you set up and after 8 hours. If if you choose three, it will supply food when set up, another time after 6 hours and again after another 6 hours.

Mangiatoia automatica Hydor Ekomixo

In the main picture you can see the quantity of granular food dispensed with the lever in maximum and minimum position. I personally don’t believe that the maximum can be used.

The transparent container is designed in order to avoid humidity, and to improve it even more if you could connect one aerator to the feeder itself. The price of this automatic feeder Hydor Ekomixo it’s 25,99 euro, but on Amazon you can find it at a lower price.

Hydor Mixo automatic feeder

The second feeder it’s available with an LCD display.

Mangiatoia automatica Hydor Mixo

This is the first difference from her twin. The other is the possibility of choosing just two administrations of food instead of three. The planning can be done through the display and in this way you can choose two different times for the administration. The price is 31,90 euro and, honestly, I recommend this type, and it’s the one I will set in my aquarium. As always on Amazon you can save some euro.

I will leave for my holidays so at the end of summer I will do a review on it. I will set it up on two daily administrations, with the minimum quantity of food allowed.

I’m going to use it a week before my departure, anyway, in order to be sure of its behavior.

Mangiatoia automatica Hydor Mixo ed Ekomixo: contenitore del mangime

And you, what do you think? Do you use an automatic feeder? Do you have any others? Let’s talk about it here in the comments or on the Social Media.