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New incredible rotor from Rossmont


Improved rotor Mover M Series - 1 minute timer compatible


Rossmont has just introduced in the last days a new improved rotor for their pumps, specifically designed for on-off cycles from one minute only.

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We have tested the Rossmont Mover M 5800 pump some months ago, and we liked it very much, for his flow, construction and low noise.

The only problem about the Mover M is, and was, related to the fixed flow it has. We can’t modify the flow during time, only on-off. So we can use it with a timer, but as the experience teaches, we have not use too quick cycles, because we can have as result the break of pump.

Today Rossmont declares to have built a new improved rotor, capable to tolerate the stress from a quick on-off cycles, Rossmont says we can turn off and on the pump every minute. That’s incredible.

In the following pictures we can see the old rotor, that we can compare with the one in the first picture, taken from the company.


There is no difference from our point of view, so we can guess the change is in the rotor material. We would like to have one rotor to test for a week.

If you want to know if your pump, or the pump you want to buy from the shelf, has the new rotor, you have to check if there is the new logo “improved rotor” on the box. It’s obvious that if you don’t need the 1 minute cycles, the old pump it’s equal for all the other characteristics.

We don’t know, now, the price of the new rotor, that we can eventually buy to upgrade our pump for 1 minute on-off cycles.

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