The new recirculating pumps Mover by Rossmont – PetsFestival 2013

During the PetsFestival fair held in Piacenza Italy, Rossmont Italy has presented the new pumps Mover M.


Rossmont Italy is a new Italian company that produces entirely in Italy, founded by Christian Rossi and Mattia Montin from which it was named.

Amtra abbatti i consumi

The Rossmont Mover M are presented as the smallest recirculating pumps in the world in their class. A very elegant design and a thorough study of all its smallest parts, projecting this pump to the best of world production.

The real focal point of innovation is its extremely low noise level, guaranteed by the system called VAS (Vibration Absorbing System), in fact each section of the pump has been designed to minimize vibrations and noise. But there is more, much more. Each pump Rossmont Mover M is equipped with a magnet to use over any glass up to 15 mm thick, while maintaining a joint that allows the maximum freedom of positioning.

We are very happy to see the maniac design of this pump and how it is presented and sold.

A very compact rotor and a propeller designed on the principle of motor boats, means that the pump is able to maintain a low consumption producing very little heat.

Also the slits and windows that make up the body of the pump have been studied minutely.

2013_09_petsfestival_086What else to add? A pipe cleaner to clean the pump in the package and is guaranteed for 3 years.2013_09_petsfestival_088

Rossmont includes in the package in addition to the pump Mover M also:

• magnetic holder for glass up to 15mm
• flow conveyor, from about 120 ° to about 60 °
• protection grid
• cleaning brush
• multilingual manual

The pump Mover M is produced in four models of equal size but with different flow, 3600 L/h, 4600 L/h 5800 L/h and 7200 L/h. With a consumption between 5 and 15 watts.

This pump looks really beautiful, promising a very high quality product. We, at DaniReef, have contacted Rossmont Italy that has agreed to send one pump for our usual test and review.


For further information, please consult the website of Rossmont Italy

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