AndreaNegu goes from T5 to Elos Epower with the new blue EliteXP

Recently, we talk a lot about led lighting, although it is my opinion that for SPS corals is today still preferable a traditional HQi lamp.

In the future we will definitely have led lighting over our tank, given the advantages they have, especially when it will be possible to have a greater lumens watts than offered today, say around 180/200 lumens per watt to compete with lamps of 250 watts HQi and also 250/300 lumens per watt for 400 watt, and above all a general decline in prices, still quite high.

Even AndreaNegu, owner of a beautiful aquarium already the subject of several photos here  into and tank of the month of AcquaPortal , in his last tank has decided to change from his T5 lighting with 10 neon, to the wonderful double-E power with manta and blue EliteXP, which is among others one of the first blue EliteXP to be delivered on the market.

The tank as you can see is very beautiful, and all photos of this article are clickable.

As we said the blue EliteXP is one of the first to be delivered on the market, and is composed of 18 3-watt blue LEDs and 3 red LEDs. The power is remarkable, in a tank that measures 125×70 cm you can see with only 3 red led what we can have:

And with only blue LEDs:

We can see the tank from everywhere, it’s really amazing

And also to look at one of the most beautiful clam I ever seen in aquarium

The question that naturally arises is how much the tank has lost or improved by this change, I simply return the photos, leaving you to judge … and I’d like to read your comments.

Self made with 2 LED bars and 10x54w T5, with ATI reflectors:

And with Elos E-Power 2x250w HQi, with Elos Spectra 14.000 °K, Manta and the new Blue EliteXP

Any comments?



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