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Zoomark 2011: Tunze


One of the most visited stand at Zoomark was of course the Tunze, a German company specialized in the manufacture of pumps and excellent equipment for aquariums.

This is the new pump that I could think of using into my small aquarium… Tunze Turbelle Masterstream 6515 … 150,000 l/h… ie 150 m/h … after all “only” 280 watts!

Amtra offerte per acquario
It ‘s a bit like seeing the supercar when you have to buy a small car … wow … we would all like to have an aquarium with “that” pump …

As we said the stand was constantly full of people

In the background we can spot Gianni, Italy chief for Tunze GmbH.

Look at many new features presented in the Tunze stand.

The Tunze is in fact known to build good skimmers, as well as pumps, and here we see the Doc Skimmer 9410 for aquariums up to 1000 liters … 600 liters/hour of air for 11 watts, not bad at all as technical data, consideration should be given to work, but the review of his brother Matteo Benassi did, the Doc Skimmer 9420 you find on Reef Italia Magazine is certainly comforting.

And as the Tunze is keen to show us the superstar here is also the big brother 9440

suitable for aquariums up to 4,000 liters, 30 watts of consumption for the flow of water equal to 2,600 l/h and a flow rate of 1,700 l/h, this time the technical data are very respectable.

We end up then take a look at funny and e-jet

to end with the classic circulation pumps

here we see the whole family, nanostream and Turbelle Stream, a pretty sight:)

But in the end we come to the jewel of this Zoomark, the newest nanostream 6095!

The new 6095 it fills an important gap in current production Tunze, as they passed by nanostream 6055,  5500 liters/hour, to Stream 6105, too powerful with 13,000 liters and above all with a much larger space, still talking of course regarding adjustable pump. In that regard, I remind you that soon you will see a very complete test of the Stream 6105 on DaniReef .

The 6095 stands as a natural link between the two types of pumps, as small as a nanostream, and therefore much less invasive than older sister, but with respectable performance: a setting that starts at 2,000 liters per hour for up to 10,000 liters / hr and a corresponding consumption ranging between 5 and 21 watts. Then a small pump, fuel-efficient, yet very bad and with the characteristic reliability Tunze! We look forward as the sell could take place in early September, hoping to be able to have a pair on trial for being able to test at best. The list price was set at 220 €, but we hope that the street price could be lower.



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