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Limulus is come back!

Many of you, and especially hobbyists from electronic and aquarium, will remember AQUASMART, the system developed by Limulus, born from the Roberto Buti‘s desire to create a system to manage their marine aquarium, which then evolved until reaching full maturity with the complete system.

You can read a review of the state of the art of its creation here: Aquasmart by Limulus

Unfortunately at some point the system has run aground, its development has been blocked, and for a time there was concern for the continuity of the system.

Today, finally, Limulus is back, the website has been restored, and finally we have heard about AQUASMART II, you can join the forum and indicate the preferences for the development of this wonderful system.

It ‘s useless to say that I am very happy!

Click on the link to go to the site and then to the forum where you can partecipate to the development of the new system.