A Victorian Aquarium reconstructed today at Horniman Museum

acquario vittoriano

The Victorian aquarium at Horniman Museum in London (visit the website of the museum) reproduces the cold water marine life native to the UK.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

It is a modern reproduction of the legendary work of the British naturalist and marine biologist Philip Henry Gosse, who is credited with the invention of the word “aquarium“.

Unlike that one of Gosse in 1800, this modern aquarium has a good filtration system outside, so that with the best equipment can ensure stability and an environment more healthy.

This video uploaded to Youtube channel of The Manchester Museum gives us a quick overview of the aquarium and the behind the scenes.

Let’s see what it takes to bring back the antiquity of life:

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You can rediscover the aquarium to the 900 reading the book by Philip Henry Gosse currently being sold on Amazon:

(VIA | reef2rainforest)


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