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  4. Junne

    How long does the chiller take to cool down your tank? I have a 680 liters tank, and one of the concern i have is heat from the chiller given if it runs for hours trying to cool the tank.

    • Hi Junne

      I think that better is the chiller that runs for all the day. Anyway, how is the room temperature? Because the problem is how many degrees you have to lower, and how many lighting you have on tank.
      If you tell me your system, I can try to give you my personal advice.

      Let me know


  5. Junne

    During summer times Room temp would o as high as 31 C. And i normally maintain a 25 C temp in my reef tank. During these hot summer months theres a 6 degree concern i have to deal with and my existing chiller which is undersize but still functional runs about 5 to 6 hours in some nights. Also, are these chillers assembled in China? Why?

  6. In this conditions I think it could be better to buy the TR20 instead of TR15.
    I think in this way you can have more power when you need, at not a so big increase in cost.

    I use the TR15 with Teco E-Chill , with also 35° in the room, 2x250w metal halide lamps and 400 liters, and I’ve no problem at all.

    So I think you could buy the TR15 and the Three fan Teco E-Chill, or the TR20.

    As far as I Know, they’re assembled in Italy, I saw with my eyes, where they assembled. Yes, I spoke of two years ago, but I think none it’s changed.

    What do you think?


  7. Junne

    That was my plan and go with a TR20, i have canopy fans and a sump fan to remove air from my water system. I have aquaillumination for lighting and about 250 watts combined for pumps. How long does your TR15 run to cool your tank during summer or hot months?

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