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GNC BluRay PRO in our DaniReef LAB: the italian 588 LED...

Finally we tried the GNC BluRay PRO that we tested thoroughly in an unusual DaniReef LAB when we visited our friend Luca Perini

LED bars Orphek OR2 Blue Plus tested in our DaniReef LAB

Here we are ready to test the new LED bars Orphek OR2 Blue Plus, it's the second LED bar we ever had, but other are going to arrive in the future.

Hydor Seltz D6000 – Review of the pump of a...

We tried for a long time the Hydor Seltz D 6000 pump in order to find out that its work is flawless and it...

Aqamai LRM ceiling light: PAR masurement in DaniReef LAB

After two years we have the possibility to test in depth a new sample of the LED Aqamai LRM ceiling light, now ready too...

Pump Tunze Silence 1073.050 The new test!

As we have already had occasion to comment in the test on the pumps Tunze, we were able to criticize the behavior of the...

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