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Polo Reef: we visited the world’s most beautiful marine aquarium

We went to New York to visit the most beautiful marine aquarium in the world: Polo Reef by Andrew Sandler, 70,000 liters with SPS and LPS

500 Liters by 1000 PAR: Jm_reefer’s Amazing Marine Aquarium

Jm_reefer's aquarium is absolutely phenomenal, and for the first time I was able to measure 1000 PAR on corals inside a marine aquarium

Euphyllia on display in Andrea Minnella’s stunning aquarium

We recently had the opportunity to visit Andrea Minnella and his wonderful aquarium, overflowing with corals and especially Euphyllia

Colorful SPS with Acropora in Luca Perini’s marine aquarium

SPS con Acropore, Montipore, Stylophore ed altro nel bellissimo acquario marino di barriera di Luca Perini - reportage con video e foto

The spectacular drop-off aquarium of Federico Lavezzi

I always loved drop-offs in aquariums. And Federico Lavezzi's tank hits you as soon as you enter his house. Spectacular. This article is also available...

The incredible SPS marine aquarium of Marco Vank – Reportage

This is a spectacular aquarium, we're completely speechless, but we hope that our pictures will do it justice. This article is also available in: italiano We're...

1000 liters of the marine aquarium of the month by Carlo...

The marine aquarium of Carlo Mondaini is a stunning show. There aren't more suitable words. It's a huge aquarium, with very big corals, a...

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