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Preview: New Planctondose of Planctontech, the natural food

On DaniReef we have always claimed the importance of properly feed invertebrates in a reef aquarium, we have also written a very nice untranslated article just dedicated about feeding of corals that you can view here: L’alimentazione dei coralli. Finally, thanks to the availability of our friend Roberto Ferri we remember in a famous speech about coral’s nutrition and coloration that you can view right here (it’s an italian speech): The pigmentation of corals: a multifactorial situation. Report by Roberto Ferri, we have to test a sample of New PlanctonDose from Planctontech.

The New PlanctonDose is a dispenser of Zooplankton for aquarium, specifically the rotifer of genre Brachionus plicatilis, automated and almost self-sufficient, as long as we verses every 2-3 days about 50 ml of phytoplankton which serves to feed rotifers.

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