AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus – granular high protein feed

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - mangime granulare iperproteico - barattolino da 50 grammiUnica Gran Premium Plus is the granular feed proposed by AGP for marine fish, based on an high protein content.

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This granular feed is produced at low temperatures. This characteristic makes it one of the best feed for our aquariums, because it’s less polluting than frozen food and plus it can maintain all its nutritional properties, unlike the flaky food made with high temperatures (more details here).

From these bases it has been created the italian feed Unica Gran Premium Plus by AGP.

AGP highlights the presence of added Astaxantina, which helps reducing inflammatory processes and developing the red/pink pigmentation of the fish. As with other fish feed, this is achieved through fish flours. So it’s a complete food for not algivorous fish (in this case it’s better to give them also fresh or lyophilized seaweeds).

Unica Gran Premium Plus is a granular feed in three sizes: Small, Medium e Large. We can choose the most suitable size for our fish. But the Medium it’s quite good for everyone.

It seems very appetizing and it’s good that the feed doesn’t fall on the bottom, but it remains a little longer suspended into the water.

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - mangime granulare iperproteico - barattolino da 50 grammi

It is also provided a little spoon for better organizing the doses, and it’s fuchsia like the brand symbol. Moreover it has two cups with different sizes for a double use.

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - mangime granulare iperproteico - barattolino da 50 grammi

Unica Gran Premium Plus composition

The feed is composed by these elements:

  • Fish flours;
  • Wheat flour;
  • Soy extract;
  • Corn gluten;
  • Wheat germs;
  • Beer yeast;
  • Fish oil;
  • Seaweed flour.

The package contains the can, the vacuum-sealed feed and the double little spoon.

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - mangime granulare iperproteico - contenuto della confezione

Here the nutritional analysis:

  • Crude protein 60%;
  • Crude oils and fats 9%;
  • Crude fiber 0,9%;
  • Crude ashes 10,8%;
  • Other 19%

And it’s possible to see the same analysis in this pie chart:

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - contenuto nutrizionale

As you can see in the chart, the feed is mainly composed by proteins (60%) and it has 9% of fats. This makes it an high calorie food, especially appropriate for fish that usually eat other fish or crustaceans.

In comparison Hikari Marine A ed S have just the 50% (article), Equo Menu Marino the 55% (article) and XAqua Marine the 63% (article). We’re always talking about generalist feeds and not granular feeds for algivorous fish, where proteins are just about 36/37%. Unica Gran Premium Plus with the 60% is a strongly protein feed. We suggest it for fish that are strong swimmers, maybe it’s less indicated for other fish.


Here’s the analytical composition of vitamins, trace elements and additives:

  • vitamin A (E672) 32.000 IU/kg.;
  • vitamin D3 (E671 cholecalciferol) 2.400 IU/kg.;
  • stabilized vitamin C 240 mg/kg.;
  • Astaxanthin 75 mg/kg.;
  • E6 Zinc (sulfate) 48 mg/kg.;
  • E1 Ferrous (sulfate) 38 mg/kg.;
  • E5 Manganese (manganic oxide) 50 mg/kg.;
  • E3 Cobalt (carbonate) 0,28 mg/kg.;

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - additivi ed oligoelementi

Obviously is necessary to notice that the vitamins are the main part. In particular the vitamin A has an high concentration. Remember that the vitamin A is needed for a healthy growth, strengthens the sight, defends the skin and helps the fertility. Strangely there’s no vitamin E which otherwise is always present. It’s preponderant the added content of Astaxanthin. There are no Iodium, Selenium and Copper.


AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - mangime granulare in macro

The red colour of the feed is due to the Astaxanthin. The package is in plastic with a screw cup, and the food is in a vacuum sealed bag.

AGP Unica Gran Premium Plus - barattolo aperto

Unica Gran Premium Plus is present in only one package of 50 grams.

The price

The 50 grams can costs 7,91 euro (about 14,4 cents per gram).

In comparison Hikari Marine A costs 8,3 cents per gram, while the smaller Hikari Marine S 11,2 cents per gram. And again there are the 10,4 of New Life Spectrum, 11,3 of XAqua Marine, 21 of Equo Menu Marino  and 29,5 cents per gram of Elos SVM2.

If you want to deepen the feed topic here’s our article of some years ago, but still actual: fish nutrition.

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