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Salifert Calcium test for marine reef aquarium: Ca Profi test

Salifert tests are popular in marine aquatics and are somewhat of a "base" measurement for many newbies, or those who want to spend little

ATI Analytics Reference Solution – Long live to your test!

With the ATI Analytics Reference solution, you can confirm the validity of your tests and extend their validity over time

The corals development by AquaForest: AF Build and AF Energy

AF Energy and AF Build are two new products of the AquaForest line directed to the corals' growth and the food. This article is also...

Seachem ReefStatus Calcium test kit – Review

After the presentation of  the complete line a few weeks ago we are now beginning to discuss in detail about every single test, starting...

Elos Water Test Kit Ca Calcium

After presenting, the last weeks, the Elos test kit alkalinity KH (here) and Magnesium (here), today I present the Elos water test kit Ca...

Calcium Reactor LGMAquari LGr701 SP – Complete Review

The calcium reactor LGMAquari LGr701 SP is the third reactor in a row that I've tried, thanks to the kindness of Geppy and Emanuela,...

New calcium reactor: LGr701 SP from LGMAquari

Some days ago it's arrived the calcium reactor from LGMAquari, the brand new LGr701 SP. In a couple of day I'll put under my tank...

Calcium Reactor Elos REA 120 Plus – the complete review

After writing in the last month of two calcium reactors Korallin C-1501 and C-3001, I am going to review another calcium reactor, the Elos...

Calcium reactors Korallin C-1501 e C-3001 – Complete Review

In my story of aquarium keeper I had a chance to try two Calcium reactors Korallin, the C-1501 and C-3001. Both into two different...

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