Orphek iCon, aquariums, drains, zeolite reactors and many other products by AGP at the Interzoo 2022

You never forget the first time! And AGP, for its first time at the Interzoo, really showed its muscles. Aquariums with beautiful forniture, Orphek ceiling lights exclusively for the italian territory, efficient system of loading and unloading, automatic shaking zeolite reactor and many, many other products.

Amtra offerte per acquario

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AGP chose not to go unnoticed at this Interzoo, showing a huge number of products. Every corner of the booths had something interesting to offer. Not to mention the fact that at the stand you could take a break, take some coffee and eat something, in true italian style! Important to mention were also the people we met at the booth: there were always someone we knew that dropped by. It was a really pleasant booth to visit, with the volcanic Fabrizio always ready to present the news.

Now we’ll show you the news too, starting with the video.

The video of AGP’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

Before you go on, we leave you to our video so that you can see the stand not only in picture. Clicking on video you’ll be directly sent to the part about AGP, but you can also watch the rest of it. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

Orphek and AGP

Let’s start with the partnership between AGP with the note company of LED ceiling light, the Orphek. As you know, since a couple of months ago Orphek is officially distributed in Italy exclusively by AGP, that at the exhibition showed the new Orphek iCon, a LED ceiling light of 62 cm with a spectacular performance with corals.

Orphek iCon in detail in AGP’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

For the technical characteristics and the amazing PAR of the Orphek iCon we remind you to our complete review in the DaniReef Lab.

Orphek iCon in dettaglio nello stand AGP all'Interzoo 2022
Orphek iCon in detail at AGP’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

At the stand was also possible to admire the beautiful Orphek LED bars in OR3 version, an economic solution for the lighting of the aquarium, but at the same extremely powerful. If you see the light of the Orphek OR3 Blue Sky you can’t help but fall in love with it.

Barre Orphek OR3in dettaglio nello stand AGP all'Interzoo 2022
Orphek OR3in bars in detail at AGP’s booth at the Interzoo 2022

Finally, in worldwide preview, there was possible to see and buy the new lens for the digital photocameras with 52 cm filter. If I remember correctly the launching price was 35 euro, but now they cost a little more. Anyway, we bought one, so right after the articles about the Interzoo we will proceed with the test!

Le nuove Orphek Lens dalle dimensioni più generose per macchine fotografiche digitali
The new Orphek Lens for digital photocameras

The new beautiful aquarium

Il nuovo acquario AGP UNICA con tante soluzioni da scoprire
The new AGP UNICA aquarium with a lot of solutions to discover

The new aquarium has a lot of interesting details, starting from the loading and unloading system (which deserves a separate chapter), the forniture in a spectacular laquered finish, and with four openings, two doors and drawers.

I due cassetti superiori del mobile per acquario unica agp
Two top drawers of the forniture for aquarium UNICA by AGP

The drawers have all tracks with muffled stop, wonderful to open and close. Inside you can choose various combinations of features. At the exhibition, there was, on the left, a system to contain integrators and feeds, on the right there was test bench.

In the inferior part, the one with the doors, there was, on the right, the refill tank with room for the electrical system, while on the left there was the sump placed on the traks, so that it could slip out for a easier maintenace.

The new automatic shaking zeolite reactor

AGP reattore di zeolite a scuotimento automatico
Automatic shaking zeolite reactor by AGP

Another beautiful object to see at the booth was the automatic shaking zeolite reactor. Beautiful and spectacular. The photos make enough, but if you watch the video you can see it in action.

The new leading and unloading system

When we like something we have to tell to everyone! And we absolutely loved this loading and unloading system!

Sistema di carico e scarico AGP all'Interzoo 2022
Loading and unloading system by AGP at the Interzoo 2022

Externally it seems to be pretty solid, but what we liked the most was that the drain grid has lateral slots, very useful to collect the falling water. They’re designed with a o-ring seal, and they’re easy to assemble and seal with bare hands. The system in photo is of 50 mm.

But the most beautiful part is the interior one, where you can see that the space for the overflow of the water is so wide that it occupies the entire available section, which isn’t so obvious.

The new test kits for the measurement of the water parameters

The part dedicated to the tests by Unica is brand new and we’re looking forward to use them!

… And many other products!

But that’s not all, because the new products were so much that we could talk about them for days! The new line of integrators, the Vibrant, the new ceiling light by MicMol, and the new water ready to use! A really amazing booth with a lot of material to show.


For further informations about AGP and its products we remind you to their official site. We also invite you to read our Editorial on the exhibition, also to check out the articles of the booths we visited that we’re releasing day by day, or to watch our videodocumentary about this edition of the Interzoo 2022.

Fabrizio Gibin di AGP e poi con la nuova t-shirt arancione DaniReef, allo stand AGP all'Interzoo 2022
Fabrizio Gibin of AGP and DaniReef with the new orange t-shirt, at AGP’s booth at the Interzoo 2022
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