New amazing led lighting bars OR by Orphek for freshwater and marine aquariums

Nuove barre a led Orphek ORActually launched, we present you the new led lighting bars called Orphek OR.

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Recently Orphek introduced a new line of lighting focused on the traditional bar shape. These new bar led lights own to the line OR that includes three different kinds, 54w, 72w and 108w.


The design reminds us the old fashion T5/T8 neon lights, but instead of the neon are placed leds. Probably for our tastes they look too rough,  basically it is a simple aluminum heat sink with the leds placed on the bottom and covered with a temperate glass panel. The design is essential and reflects the main purpose for which they were made, that is a powerful kind of lighting at the cheapest price.

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR

Different spectrums available for the OR

There are five different spectrums available, depending on their use.

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR

  1. Fresh Water Planted – Spectrum thought for freshwater aquariums dedicated to plant growth. Spectrum is mainly set on daylight 7000k;
  2. Grow Light Flowering – Spectrum thought for freshwater aquariums not necessarily based on plant growth;
  3. Reef Violet & Grow Vegetative 1 – Developed to give a violet spectrum to marine aquariums lighting. Spectrum is mainly set on 380-440nm;
  4. Reef Daylight – Developed for the standard illumination of a marine aquarium;
  5. Reef Blue Sky – Developed to give a blue spectrum to marine aquarium lighting. Spectrum is mainly based on 450-500nm.

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR - gli spettri luminosi

Three different sizes according to the length

OR led lighting bars are produced in three different sizes and so three different power:

  • 60 cm, 54w and 18 x 3w led;
  • 90 cm, 72w and 24 x 3w led;
  • 120 cm, 108w and 36 x 3 w led.

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR - dimensioni a confronto


They are fitted with roof hooks and can be hooked-up in two different solutions: the typical one through two slots on the top, or docking them in the side slots (even if, honestly, we don’t understand the purpose).

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR - sistemi di aggancio


  • Driver: external;
  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC;
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz;
  • Consumption: 54/72/108 watts;
  • Cos(phi) > 0.95;
  • Input current (Amps) 0.55;
  • Length: 60/90/120 cm;
  • Width: 5 cm;
  • Height: 2,8 cm;
  • Weight: 1/1,5/2 kg;
  • Driver weight: 0,5 kg.

The new LED bar lightings have been introduced recently in the official product page Orphek, and they are available for the purchase.

These bars will cost 120, 140 e 160 dollars respectively, delivered at home. Plus VAT and customs duties. Moreover in this period with a strong dollar, prices in Italy should be higher than those reported, probably 135, 155 e 175 euro each.

Nuove barre a led Orphek OR - certificazione WEEE

WEEE Certification

Orphek LED Aquarium Lighting is now certified WEEE.

For those who are not familiar with nomenclature, WEEE stands for Waste Electrical & Environmental Equipment. Being RAEE certificated means that the product is made according to the WEEED guidelines.

Given this, Orphek follows WEEED and above all they are very careful with high recycling-ratio materials.

Orphek believes that “protect biodiversity of nature” means providing:

  • hi-tech solutions that simulates, as close as possible, nature in a captivity environment;
  • ecological lighting solutions that do not produce radiant heat;
  • take responsibility for environmental waste and their implications;
  • solutions with a chance of upgrade to reduce RAEE.

Actually most of  the Orphek solutions provide the chance of  an upgrade. This means that it is possible to use the same framework over and over again, changing only driver and leds.

To order them, waiting for an Italian dealer, you can contact straight Orphek .