The Lollo’s Reef Aquarium – a mixed corals reef tank

L'acquario marino di lollo - sps, lps e tanti pesci - vista frontale

After quite some time we came back to show you a true aquarium where we took pictures. We spoke about Lollo’s Reef Aquarium. 350 liters. Cliccando qui potete leggere l’articolo in italiano.

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In our opinion, this aquarium is quite interesting for different reasons. We are speaking about a mostly SPS dominated tank, but where we find also LPS and many fish. We remember you that SPS is the acronym for Small polpyped Stony (corals) and LPS for Long polyped Stony (corals). This is a strange choice today where we see tank with only SPS and a few fish. But I think Lollo (Lorenzo Pozzi) has my same idea. In the sea we see so many fish, why have we limit ourselves? Only to have less waste? So his aquarium is driving me crazy. A lot of fish, all of them in very good condition, with a coral’s garden on the background.

So I find it a very beautiful aquarium, very well made. Without arriving to the excess to have an empty aquarium but with incredible corals. I like it. Truly natural.

But we have to listen what Lorenzo will tell us to know better his aquarium and his personal method.

Caulastrea furcata ed Amphiprion ocellaris

Caulastrea furcata and Amphiprion ocellaris

Our interview

Ciao Lorenzo, do you want to tell us your tank and his equipment? What’s about the dimensions? The lighting? And all the other?

Hi, a warm welcome to all DaniReef’s readers. The tank is from italian brand Elos, specifically an Elos 120, with these measures 120x57x50(h) cm, a few liters less than 350 liters. The lighting system is up to a couple of Ecotech Marine Radion G3Pro that I use with the SPS+ program found in the software of the ceiling lights. For some months I’ve added two 54 watt ATI T5 tubes with 10 hours of photoperiod. But the results I achieved were far from ideal and after the pictures you took, I took out the two T5“.

Pocillopora tricolor

Pocillopora tricolor

Inside the sump, the return pump is the mighty Eheim 1250, the skimmer is an UltraReef Akula 160. I completed the technical equipment with a Zeolite reactor from Vertex, a Elos digital osmocontroller and Jebao DP-4 dosing pumps, to use the balling method to replenish calcium, magnesium and trace elements. Then a 300 watt heater for winter. Lastly, I use the active carbon always, changing it every month”.

Acropora sp.

Acropora sp.

We can say you have a great technical equipment. But, there is one but. In our opinion the return pump you use is too weak for your aquarium. Let’s try to explain. We can conjecture  that your Eheim 1250 could provide 200 l/h of water exchange in your system. An incredible low value if compared with your skimmer. If you want to improve the efficiency of your skimmer you would have to change your return pump. And, believe us, you can improve so much the things with a more powerful pump.

Now, let’s change the subject. How do you handle the movement in your aquarium?

The recirculation of water is up to only two pumps. One is the Ecotech Marine Vortech mp40w and the other is the Jebao RW8“.

It continues at page two with the history of the tank

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