Appena non puliamo il vetro per qualche giorno le alghe fanno passare il contenuto dell'acquario in secondo piano... TECH SECTION

How to clean aquarium glasses

Appena non puliamo il vetro per qualche giorno le alghe fanno passare il contenuto dell'acquario in secondo piano...

We can skip the glass cleaning just for a couple of days and here’s the result. The content of the aquarium shifts to the background…

A neophyte with his new marine reef aquarium is filled by a lot of chemical and physical informations like, for example, the nitrogen cycle, the light spectrum e the flow rate of a return pump L’articolo è disponibile anche in italiano.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

But there are also a lot of basic advices for a daily and easy management of the aquarium! Maybe it’s because it’s taken for granted? Here is an article about how clean the glass of the aquarium well.

If you haven’t already placed the rocks, make sure you will have the necessary space to use the magnet and the scraper. Few centimetres will be enough.

The magnet and its limits

The magnet for cleaning is cheap and fast to use, better if used often, to not let the algae accumulate and caked. Verify that the magnet might fit the thickness of the glass. If you have an acrylic aquarium you have to find a compatible magnet type. Moreover exist some automatic magnets projected to clean the glass in total autonomy.

La calamita automatica aquagenesis.

The aquagenesis automatic magnet

Even if the magnet doesn’t leave marks, some stuck sand between it and the glass surface could ruin the tank, so be careful. ReefBuilders teach how to add a soft scraping layer, like that of a kitchen sponge (of which some scrapers are equipped with, like that one in the picture below): in this way the sand won’t be pressed against the glass. This spare us to control the magnet every time.

The magnet has some limits, it can’t remove the most persistent algae and it cleans near to the bottom and sand, and in other “problematic” zones.

The scraper

Un raschietto con lama in metallo ed uno con tessuto abrasivo.

A scraper with a metal blade and one with abrasive covering

When you want to clean the glasses all the way, or remove tough algae, you have to use a scraper. Same advice for owners of acrylic aquariums: don’t use a scraper with a metal blade for not leaving scratches, take a compatible one. But metal isn’t problematic with glass.

Removing seaweeds needs a certain pressure but you will have good results. There are some kits with a long grip, so your hands will not get wet. There are also other prototypes, smaller and more accurate.

There’s also the Tunze hybrid solution, a magnet scraper, that combines the comfort of the magnet with the efficiency of the scraper (Tunze Transformer Care Magnet).

Il magnete Tunze puliscivetro

The Tunze Care Magnet

The Easy Blade solution

Another efficient solution is made by Easy Blade.

Easy Blade

It’s a system that adds a blade to the magnet for a better result in its everyday use. If you want to deepen the topic, check here: Easy Blade.

Did you really clean well?

In the conclusion I suggest you to look the glass from the inside. Don’t immerse the head in the water, just watch the back side of the frontal grass from the lateral one and so on. You will see if they’re clean for real…

After a complete cleaning the aquarium will be more bright and ready for a photoset or for your friends’ visits.