Great corals pictures to use for your wallpaper from National Geographic

polipi corallo macro national geographic

I saw these incredible pictures in the italian National Geographic website, so I have had to share with you.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

These images are ready to be used as desktop wallpaper for our computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone and iPhone.

You have to follow this link Armonie di corallo nelle grandi foto della settimana, watch all ten pictures, and download with the three buttons in the bottom left labelled desktop, tablet and smartphone. Yes it’s an italian site, but it’s easy to navigate.

If you download the image you see in the page, it will have 950×760 pixels, when in desktop it will have 1280×1024 pixels, tablet 1024×819 pixels and last smartphone with 960×768 pixels.

So you have only to decide your preferred format and download all the pictures you like. Honestly I’ve taken all the pictures in the bigger format.

polipi corallo macro national geographic

But, just another thing, in another section of the italian National Geographic, Fragile bellezza nelle grandi foto della settimana, can download a very beautiful picture of an Amphiprion bicinctus inside a wonderful Entacmaea quadricolor. A great picture to have.

entacmaea quadricolor ed ampiphrion bicinctus nelle foto del national geographic

But, frankly, don’t you think my picture can compete with it? Yes maybe I had to use photoshop a bit more 🙂

Pesce pagliaccio Ampiphrion bicinctus ed anemone Entacmaea quadricolor a Marsa Alam - Mar RossoWhat do you think?