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  1. LH

    Looking great Dani. The rock layout is awesome. I would definitely choose the Vortech over the Tunze for this tank, in the same spot as the Tunze. Maybe closer to the overflow is going to be too close to the rockwork?

    • Thanks stonyreef, my doubt is your doubt… my idea about this decision is to build a forniture near the acquarium, to the overflow side, height the same of tank, where to show the biotopus screen, all the wires, the ballasts, and last but not least, to cover the butt of the vortech… but I don’t want to stay to advanced…

      I’m thinking…


    • Hi Tatu, thanks 🙂

      It’s a very complex question…
      The Tunze (6000 or 6100, and I think 6001 and 6101) are more and more silent… and in my experience they are more reliable. But until the last year the Vortech had the better controller and obviously the footprint into aquarium was very very very better than stream (as you can see here: )

      Now Tunze has released a new controller, that I have not yet proved… and maybe some situation can be changed on this point.

      But the end of the story is… I love the flow of vortech (but I have to try the new tunze controller), I definitively love its footprint… but I don’t like the noise, I don’t like the wires outside the tank…

      I’ve at home 2 Stream and 1 Vortech, and until now I’m not sure what to use in the new tank…

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  3. I think that this year we finally have an opportunity to meet personally! After some problems in last years, it was impossible be present in Interzoo, but this year I will be there!!!

    Keep your good work and please let us updated about this tank.

    All the best!

    Filipe Oliveira


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