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Photo and video show Oceano Mare in Riccione, Friday, March 23

Friday 23 of march will be held the sixth edition of the photo-video show OCEANOmare.

As in previous years the polisportiva Sub Riccione has organized an evening dedicated to the knowledge of the seas of the world through the vision of movies made by divers with  international reputation.

These are the protagonists of the show:

  • Attilio Rinaldi
  • Mauro Pazzi
  • Manfred Bortoli
  • Massimo Boyer
  • Enrico Rabboni
  • Piero Lazzeroni
  • Aris Schiavoncini

As with previous editions, this year the event aims to raise funds that will be devolved to Deepshikha High School in Kathmandu, a Nepalese organization that works to protect  orphaned children or living on the streets by giving them an education and all treatment.

During the evening will be also possible to view an exhibition of photographs made by “amateurs” photographers, where there will be some of my photos 🙂

Friday 23 of March

PhotoShow: 8.00 pm
VideoShow: 9.00 pm
at Tourism Palace in Riccione,
 Piazzale Ceccarini, 11 
Free Entrance

Marsa Alam – House Reef – night diving – English Version

During our last holiday in Marsa Alam we also had the fortune to dive in the night straight from the dock of our resort, a place called House Reef.

It was my first night diving, and although the sea was very rough was an unforgettable experience to be repeated as soon as possible (I’m already waiting for the next trip to Egypt in fact)

House Reef

We have to thank once again the structure of the diving SeaWorld and in this particular case we have to thank especially our guide Roberto Piazza that made us not only as a guide but there has been the godfather of this our first night dive, after a briefing longer than usual, with the appropriate equipment we went down loads of expectations!

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The project goes on: live rocks

The project goes on, after having presented the tank in the latest update of DaniReef … Here I present the new live rocks aquascape!
I think you could want to pass the mouse over the image of the live rocks if you want to see the play of light offered by LEDs (and if you have firefox).

Yes the lighting system isn’t ready, because a part of it, one of the HQi, has been serving the other tank in the attic, feature actually quite comfortable in these cases.

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The new project of DaniReef: the tank

Finally my new project takes off. After the problem of my previous tank that after two years had almost completely unstuck (see here), I ordered a new tank and thanks to Alessandro Falco who lent me his aquarium to keep “on holiday” my adored fish, I managed at last to take off.
The choice of measures has been to prefer a tank that would give the idea of being large, so a very wide format, despite the height. So I confirmed the length of the front window of 130 cm, while I had to settle of a width of 60 cm, and a total height of 50 cm, which might give a more wide aquascape, this also because of the layout I have in mind and you’ll see soon.
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Marsa Alam – Abu Dabbab – English Version

Abu Dabbab is probably the most beautiful bay of Marsa Alam, Red Sea, which has recently also become a protected natural park by the Egyptian government. So it is obligatory to pay a fee to visit this beautiful lagoon.

Abu Dabbab

As you can see in the picture by satellite, which you can click to go to Google Maps, the lagoon is huge, with very fine sand. On the right stands the hotel complex Sol Y Mar Abu Dabbab. The Reef to visit are placed on two sides of the lagoon, both starting from the shore, the left reef is the most attractive (or at least so say the guides) and is probably the finest of Marsa Alam, from what I saw .

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