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Seachem ReefStatus Calcium test kit – Review

2015_12 Seachem test kit calcio 01

After the presentation of  the complete line a few weeks ago we are now beginning to discuss in detail about every single test, starting from the fundamental one for marine aquariums, Calcium (qui la recensione in italiano).

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Calcium reactors Korallin C-1501 e C-3001 – Complete Review

In my story of aquarium keeper I had a chance to try two Calcium reactors Korallin, the C-1501 and C-3001. Both into two different tanks. The C-1501 on a tank of 300 liters and the bigger C-3001 on a tank of 400 liters. Both tanks were full of hard corals (sps). I’ve tried using both arm and natural CaCO3 media. And I must say I was largely satisfied by their operation.

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