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The Light in nature, comparisons with the lighting in our aquariums

La versione italiana è qua: La Luce in natura, comparazioni con la luce in acquario

English version

During the MagnaModena held Sunday February 8, we had the good fortune to attend a presentation by Nicola Gandini, owner of the company Elos, talked about the function and characteristics of light in nature and in the aquarium. Building on measurable data, and not by the usual thought.

I then took the report and I have expanded it with my knowledge and I have made it more readable, so I thank Nicola for submitting original and I hope that in this way you will better understand the various interactions that are mentioned, for each question, please leave your comment below where I will be happy to respond.

Nicola Gandini on the left and Argobax on the right preparing the conference


To read all the contents click here or on the photos: The Light


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