Newa Jet 1700 (NJ 1700) return pump – review – keeps its promises

Our comment

After the great feedbacks of our friends we had very high expectations on this pump, and we weren’t disappointed! The pump keeps perfectly its promises and this rarely happens, especially for what regards the rate, that almost never matches the declared data. But this isn’t the case!

Pompa di risalita Newa Jet 1700 - recensione - mantiene ciò che promette

These conclusions will be really full of material since we’ll do a comparison with similar pumps we have tested before!

The comparison with other pumps

The comparison with the other pumps we’ve tested is very interesting. In particular, we’re comparing the data of Eheim, Hydor, Tunze, Sicce, Corallinea, Waveline and Ecotech Marine, all here below in the chart. These pumps have also their dedicated review. We ordered the chart basing on the reference value of the pump, that is the product of the flow rate times the head divided by 2. In this way we obtain the subtended area. We believe this is the only way to compare homologous pumps. If the reference value differs too much we think they can’t be compared.

PompHeadRateReference valuePower consumptionPriceEfficiencyEconomic efficiencyAnnual cost
Eheim 1250195 cm1205 l/h117523.8 w98 €50.6 l/h*w12.3 l/h*€56 €
Newa Jet 1700200 cm1638 l/h163831,2 w43 €52.5 l/h*w38 l/h*€74 €
Sicce Syncra 3296 cm2375 l/h 351542.3 w 100 € 56.1 l/h*w 23.7 l/h*€ 100 €
Rossmont Riser RX 3200281 cm2766 l/h 388653.7 w 115 € 51.5 l/h*w 24 l/h*€ 127 €
Eheim 1260350 cm 2434 l/h 426062.1 w 155 € 32.2 l/h*w 15.7 l/h*€ 147 €
Tunze 1073.50436 cm 2143 l/h 467238.8 w 180 € 55.2 l/h*w 11.9 l/h*€ 92 €
Sicce Syncra 4380 cm 3709 l/h 704794 w 160 € 39.5 l/h*w 23.2 l/h*€ 222 €
Corallinea BQ5000404 cm 3504 l/h 707883.2 w 120 € 42.1 l/h*w 29.2 l/h*€ 197 €
Rossmont Riser RX 5000364 cm 4128 l/h 751383.7 w 145 € 49.3 l/h*w 28.5 l/h*€ 198 €
Waveline DC6000392 cm 4008 l/h 785750.2 w 283 € 79.7 l/h*w 14.1 l/h*€ 119 €
Hydor Seltz D6000450 cm 4194 l/h 943753 w 125 € 79.1 l/h*w 33.5 l/h*€ 125 €
Ecotech Marine Vectra M1610 cm 4944 l/h 1508089.5 w 399 € 55.1 l/h*w 12.3 l/h*€ 212 €

You can see from the chart that economically speaking, that is the rate per euro, the Newa Jet 1700 is the most convenient with its 38 l/h per euro. For what regards the technical efficiency it’s in line with the average. So, if the couple of values you research match with this pump, as you can verify in our calculator, you’ve found what suits you.

The relationship with the declared data

Now let’s see the closeness to the data declared by the manufacturer.


Newa Jet 1700210 cm200 cm– 5 %

The measure of the head has a very insignificant gap. The Newa keeps its promise.


PumpRateLab measureGap
Newa Jet 17001.700 l/h1.683 l/h– 3,5 %

The gap between measured and declared rate is close to 3,5%, but we were very close to what was declared. Chapeau! Also because often the gap is up to 40%.

Power consumption

PumpPower consumptionLab measureGap
Newa Jet 170033 w31,3 w– 5 %

The power consumption is inferior of the 5%. Even here another value absolutely in line with what declared.

Closeness to the declared data

Finally we can assign a value of the correspondance with the data declared by the manufacturer for what concerns rate, head and consumption.

PumpHeadRatePower consumptionFinal Value
Newa Jet 170095 %96,5 %95 %95,5 %

If you want to know if this pump suits your needs, basing on the head that you have in your aquarium, I suggest you to check out these articles:

The latter will show you the estimated flow rate basing on your own conditions.


The reference value of the Newa Jet 1700 is 1.638 l*m/h, where the declared reference value is 1.785. The gap is very little, about 8%. Remember that the reference value is the area subtended by the values of head and rate. The calculation is (head x rate)/2.

The loss 13% actually represents a very great value given the fact that the other competitors do worse.

In order to use a pump in our aquarium we always have to consider what it actually express, and not what it should. But in this case the values are practically identical. An incredible feature!

Pompa di risalita Newa Jet 1700 - recensione - mantiene ciò che promette


Great performances and coincident with the declared data
Very well built
Very convenient


Nothing to report!

Disclaimer: Thanks to NEWA Tecno Industria srl for providing us with the Newa Jet 1700 pump for this review.

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