Zoomark 2017: OceanLife with Balling, Pro Experts and others

Zoomark 2017: lo stand OceanLifeOceanLife has surely been one of the protagonists of the Zoomark 2017.

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The booth had unusually an open space with a beautiful scenery. There was a wonderful tank by AquaProject as we have said in our editorial about the Zoomark 2017, a lot of new products and, finally, one of the few marine aquarium of the exhibition.

In reality there was a goodbye, too, to the E5 bars presented during the PetsFestival 2016 (here).

Here we’re going to focus upon the great number of new products shown during the Zoomark, and probably we’ll have to speak about them individually in the future.

The Balling method according to OceanLife

Zoomark 2017: acquario marino nello stand oceanlife

The news of the 2017-2018 are a lot. Let’s start with the Balling method, which is on fashion in this period, thanks to its ease. We’ve made a guide to better understand what is it and how it works and that you can read here. OceanLife has developed its own balling which is articulated in the use of these four products: Ready CA 1, Ready KH 2, Ready Elements 3 and Ready Water 4.

Ready CA 1 is the first solution to use and contains 50.000 ppm of calcium. Ready KH 2 instead is the product recommended for carbonates, which contains a concentration of 5.000 dKH/L. The third product is the Ready Elements 3 which contains the principal elements, among which: Magnesium, Strontium, Boron, Potassium. And finally the Ready Water 4 it’s a solution with no sodium chloride designed for preparing the water for the changes, because the chloride is already contained int he other three solutions.

In OceanLife‘s site will be soon available a useful online calculator to help you to verify your own dosage in every moment. We’ve talk about it with OceanLife staff and we can’t say more, but it will certainly be a well planned idea that will surprise you.

Zoomark 2017: acquario marino nello stand oceanlife

OceanLife presents Pro Experts

Everybody knows that nitrogen and phosphorous are necessary to the growth of corals, but in an infinitesimal level. However, if our system is perfect in their removal, we may run into some problems. That’s why OceanLife has developed R Balance N ed R Balance P. The former increases the nitrogen in the aquarium, the latter the phosphorous if their level are so low to create problems in the growth of the aquarium.

Simone degli Esposti di OceanLife a sinistra e Danilo Ronchi di DaniReef a destra

Simone degli Esposti of OceanLife on the right and Danilo Ronchi of DaniReef on the left

Other news by OceanLife

OceanLife thought also of a specific feed for an optimal growth of the corals. These products will be named LPS Food and Corvit but they’re not available yet. We’re looking forward to use and test them in our aquariums.

Zoomark 2017: i nuovi prodotti nello stand OceanLife

We have reviewed them some years ago with optimal values, but today the nitrites test, even the nitrates and the phosphates ones, have been improved for what concerns both the readability and the detection scale.

Zoomark 2017: i nuovi prodotti nello stand OceanLife

OceanLife has devoloped its own line of fish feed: OceanLife Garlic and OceanLife Red Power. OceanLife Garlic, like its name suggests, it’s a feed with a pure garlic extract to improve the immunity defenses of the fish. OceanLife Red Power instead it’s a granular energizer based on a high concentration of Astaxantina, Omega3, Amino acids and Vitamins, specifically designed to increase the nutritional valours.

Zoomark 2017: i nuovi prodotti nello stand OceanLife

Moreover OceanLife has concentrated on active carbon, and presented it both loose and with the zeolite. In fact is very interesting the new Zeo Carb which is indeed a mix of carbons and zeolites.

And finally a new white sand, called right White Sand, free of polluting and destined to the marine aquarium. It’s also optimal as a DSB base. It will be sold in baskets of 4 liters and 25 kg.

If you want to know better OceanLife and its products we invite you visit the homepage through the links here on the side. As always, we remind you our Editorial if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition, from which you can reach all the articles we’ve written about until today.

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