Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 – in depth review

Tunze Nanostream 6020

The new Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6020, showed at the kermesse Interzoo at Nuremberg, is one of several new propeller pumps that were presented in the last months (qui la nostra recensione in italiano).

Amtra abbatti i consumi

This pump was made to cover the needs of nano-reefer but also for aquarium that needs a pump behind the rocks in order to move the water and avoid the formation of sediments. This pumps are also fine for freshwater aquariums and they are built to be easily hidden.

Differently from the traditional propeller pumps used to circulate water in the tank this is built to be mounted vertically and the water flux can be influenced by the rotation of a spherical cap.

This pump exists in two version, the Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6020, which is presented here and the bigger sister, the 6040 which is electronic.

Technical features of the Tunze NanoStream 6020

European version
230 V – 50 Hz
American version
120 V – 60 Hz
Water flow rate: 2.500 l/h 660 gph
Energy consumption: 4 watt 4 watt
Recommended size of saltwater aquarium: 40-250 litres 10-66 gal
Recommended size of freshwater aquarium: 40-250 litres 16-32 gal
Cable length: 2 meters 78,7 ft
Length: 6,6 cm 2,56 inch
Depth: 6,0 cm 2,36 inch
Height: 7,2 cm 2,83 inch

The price of 37,30 euro is actually really low for such a pump, both considering the overall quality and the absolute price.

The Tunze NanoStream 6020 is incredibly efficient with 625 liters per watt, just a little less than its competitor, the Sicce Voyager Nano 2000 (here you can read our review) that has 667 litres per watt, and something more than the Rossmont M5800 that has 580 liters per watt (here you can read our review), that has a much higher total water flow rate.

When we consider the price and the water flow rate; the  Tunze Nanostream 6020 reaches the nice value of 67 liters per euro, which is greater than the value of 54,42 liters per euro of Sicce Voyager 2000.


Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020

Above you can look at the packaging of the pump, the pump itself and the magnet holder with the blue silent blocks.

Tunze suggests to use its NanoStream 6020 in reef tanks with a size of 40 to 250 liters, which is a really big interval. We assume that it depends on the possibility to use the NanoStream as main propeller pump in a nanoreef or just hidden behind the rocks in some bigger tank. We tested it in a reef tank of 400 liters (a bigger aquarium than suggested) and we must admit that 2.500 litres per hour are a bit too little to move sediments behind the rocks.



Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020

But we would surely use two  NanoStream 6020 in a nanoreef up to 80-90 litres (depending on which animals we would like to host). But always as a couple and never alone.

Behind the rocks it could be very helpful, depending on the aquarium layout, easy to install and with a not so powerful but constant water flow.

In the freshwater tanks, with its indirect water flow, it can be optimal up to 200-250 litres.

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Final Thoughts

We really liked the Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6020 pump, they have great technical details but it also filled a market need in the modern reef tanks.

Overall Score 4