The 10.000 litres tematic aquarium of Masoala at the Zoo Zurich

Summing up

2015_12 Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich15

Simone D’Archino, Martin Bauer and Danilo Ronchi in front of the aquarium dedicated to Masoala at the Zoo of Zurich

We really liked the aquarium at the Zoo Zurich, we think it could get even better, we therefore wait for the renovation. Today some technical solution like LED could help to decrease costs and some biological one, like cultivation of phytoplankton and zooplankton, could improve something that we already see as really good.

2015_12 Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich51

The Masoala forest

The most interesting part of this aquarium is that it is done to recreate a biotope, the one of the Masoala peninsula in the island of Madagascar of the Indian Ocean. We did not have any scuba diving in that area that covers the third biggest coral reef in the world but we’re sure we could find a really similar view like in this beautiful aquarium.

We like to show you a video to share you what we saw in the Zoo.

Concluding we can say that ten cubic meters of water are a good size, you can really insert everything in it, but also the easiest operation becomes difficult. But… Who would not like to have it home? If you’re traveling trough Zurich we really recommend you to go shortly to the Zoo and admire not only the Masoala forest but also this really interesting aquarium.

Many thanks doctor Martin Bauert and the Zoo of Zurich for the opportunity they gave to us and for the nice hospitality.

For further informations here is the link for the website of the Zoo: Zooh! Zurich