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Aquatronica is reborn with its own brand



Aquatronica was born as a small part of the much larger brand AEB technologies back in 2003, 11 years ago thanks to the tenacity and vision of one of my friend Massimo Brandi, I’ve come to know and admire for his work since then.

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I immediately sensed the potential of Aquatronica so much that I bought suddenly the system and I made a very detailed review, one of my first reviews, which was published before on Aquaportal and then replicated at the opening of DaniReef on these pages (here the review, albeit only in italian).

Unfortunately, being a partner of such a large and powerful group, in the beginning, has brought a lot of advantages, but in the rest of his life Aquatronica would probably have benefited most from a more streamlined company and more focused in its mission, for example we can remember all the time needed from preview to shipment of the new stilish touchscreen.

From today Aquatronica reborn from itself, it is detached from the brand AEB technologies and finally run with his legs having been officially announced the establishment of a new company, called S.r.L. in Italy, the February 28, 2014, as the italian documents says.


We can only do our best compliments to Aquatronica, specifically to Massimo Brandi and Massimiliano Belluzzi, that have worked since the beginning in Aquatronica, with the hope it will soon surprise us with new technology, as it did back in 2003.

Good luck!


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