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Preview: the new Skimmer Elos PS2000 with needle wheel

The Elos has recently removed from its catalog the famous NS Series skimmers, which worked with top-down injection with a more classic skimmers with needle wheel.

One of the new monsters presented is the new PS2000 who has taken the place of the old NS2000, now we have one to test on DaniReef.com.

The skimmer is built absolutely flawless, is a feast for the eyes to see how it was forged and how the acrylic bonding have been done. Only the adjustable outlet is made of PVC as well as the pump body.

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World premiere: The Teco E-Chill is here. How setting in this incredible video by DaniReef

Thanks to the kindness of Teco, I have in my home right now the first E-Chill intended for consumers, who have followed me live on Facebook was able to comment live preview of my first photos put online, but now we are here with a great video explaining the installation of E-Chill well as its setting. As usual, it’s worth seeing the video in high resolution.

You can watch live how versatile is and how simple is to put it on your tank.

Over the next few days then I intend to do all the necessary measurements, especially consumption, since they are declared only 14 watts for 150 mc/h, and noise, and to put it in direct comparison with tangential fan, and maybe with the normal cooling fans that are usually used in the aquarium, and of course all my usual comments… continue to follow us…