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Un super corallo resistente allo sbiancamento scoperto da J. E. N. Veron

Il dottor J.E.N. Veron tiene un campione della nuova specie, con John Rumney e il dottor Dean Miller. Fonte: GBR Legacy

Una squadra scientifica che includeva il Dott. Charlie Veron, perlustrando la Grande Barriera Corallina per i cosiddetti “super coralli”, ha scoperto una nuova specie di corallo che sembra essere sopravvissuta a devastanti eventi di sbiancamento di massa.

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Corals of the World is discontinued

One of the most beautiful books, with more precise photographs for taxonomy within the aquarium is now discontinued. A book that I have and I love especially when I want to find the name to one of my corals. I’m talking about Corals of the World J.E.N. Veron.

Corals of the world JEN Veron

Corals of the world JEN Veron

On Amazon.com is out, and if you want to buy it you have to follow the suggested links, but the price is now $ 595 new and 499 used. It’s incredible if we think that the old price was about 199 euro (about 278 dollars now).

Corals of the world JEN Veron Amazon

The book needs no introduction, is a mini encyclopedia, contained in 3 volumes, which speaks only of corals, softies, lps and sps, and is one of the most authoritative texts, if not the absolute authority for the classification of corals. With beautiful photographs and above all very precise and contextual. A book that enthusiasts of marine aquariums, especially corals, must have in their library.

My friend Marco Rosetti from Neogea.it informs me that only 6 copies remained in the catalog, if anyone was in doubt whether to buy or not … well this is probably the last chance to buy it. If you want to buy from Neogea you have to click on Neogea Picture, otherwise if you prefer Amazon, click on above images.

Corals of the world JEN Veron Neogea

Happy shopping and good reading, and remember, that money in a book, or culture in general, have never spent badly.