Hydor Seltz D 6.000 and 12.000 the new adjustable pumps in our hands – preview

Pompa di risalita hydor seltz D 6000We finally have a copy of the new return pumps Hydor Seltz D. They’re AC and adjustable pumps. Let’s see their characteristics in our preview.

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The new Hydor Seltz D have been presented by Hydor at the Interzoo 2018 (article). Their peculiarity is being alternating current pumps and also adjustable. This feature connects them to the Rossmont Riser (article). Thanks to this they’re pretty much cheap, and so much more interesting. The controller is included in the package, so the pump is not only very easy to be set but also ready to work in the aquarium.
The pump is very heavy, and we liked very much the resin. The livrery is black and amaranth, classic Hydor. We like this typical aggressive look. The cover of the rotor is linked to the body through four screwers that make the entire block very solid. There are also included some hose of different sizes to gather and push the water. The pumps are lifted from the support plane by 4 little rubbers in a shaped plate, inserted under the central body, by a joint.
Pompa di risalita hydor seltz D 12000 - piastra di appoggio in sump

Thanks to its multiple connections, the pump can be used both inside and outside the sump. Here below we can see the standard equipment of the hose connections for the Hydor Seltz D 6000, 3 hoses and the ferrules to screw them.

Pompa di risalita hydor seltz D 6000 - portagomma e ghiere

Return pump Hydor seltz D 6000 – hose and ferrules

Technical spec for Seltz D 6000 and Seltz D 12000


  Seltz D 6000
Seltz D 12000
Flow rate:  6.000 l/h  12.000 l/h
Consumption:  60 watt  90 watt
Hydraulic head:  4,20 m  4,8 m
Width:  19,5 cm  21 cm
Depth:  8,9 cm  8,9 cm
Height:  11,9 cm (just the body)  11,9 cm
Cable length:  2 m  2 m


What differentiates the two pumps is the length, the other sizes are the same. The package is easy with a convenient handle for the transport. On the package there are the technical data of all the three pumps of the Seltz D series. In addiction to the ours, in fact, there is also the Seltz D 9000.

Pompa di risalita Hydor seltz D 6000

Return pump Hydor seltz D 6000

The reference value of the Hydor Seltz D 6000 is of 12.600 l*m/s, while the elder sister 12000 has its own of 28.800 l*m/s.

Pompa di risalita hydor seltz D 12000 sopra e 6000 sotto

Return pump Hydor seltz D 12000 above and 6000 below

The rotor is very well built, similar to the ones of the Ecotech Marine Vectra (article) and the Waveline DC 6000 (article).

Pompa di risalita Hydor seltz D 6000 - vista della girante

Obviously the rotor of the two pumps have a different length, that is the quantity of magnetic material of the rotor itself.

The rotor of the Hydor Seltz D 12000, that you can see on the right, has more or less normal dimensions for a pumps with its kind of characteristics, while the rotor of the Hydor Seltz D 6000, on the left, seems particularly short compared to its sister.

Pompe di risalita Hydor seltz D - giranti a confronto - 6000 a sinistra e 12000 a destra

Return pumps Hydor seltz D – rotors in comparison – 6000 on the left and 12000 on the right

The Hydor Seltz D pumps are commanded by a physical controller. The controller is in line with the pump, and works with two simple buttons + and -, that allow to adjust the rate f the pump with immediate feedback in the present led. It’s possible to pause the pump for 5 minutes through the specific button.

Pompe di risalita Hydor seltz D - controller

Return pumps Hydor seltz D – controller

The comparison with other pumps

As we anticipated in the opening let’s see the comparison between the two Hydor Seltz D pumps with the other pumps that we’ve already reviewed in the past months, both direct and alternating current. The pumps are listed by their reference value.

  Reference value Flow rate Hydraulic head Consumption Price Liters x € Liters x w Annual cost
Eheim 1260  4.440  2.400 l/h  3,7 m  65 w  137,90 €  17,4  36,9  159 €
Rossmont Riser 3200
 4.640  3.200 l/h  2,9 m  52 w  114,90 € (239,85 €)  27,9 (13,3)  61,5  127 €
Tunze 1073.050  5.850  3.000 l/h  3,9 m  43 w  180 €  16,7  69,8  101 €
Ecotech Marine Vectra S1
 9.275  5.300 l/h  3,5 m  55 w  299 €  17,7  96  135 €
Corallinea Big World BQ5000-L  12.500  5.000 l/h  5 m  80 w  120 €  41,7  62,5  189 €
Hydor Seltz D 6000  12.600  6.000 l/h  4,2 m  60 w  125 €  48  100  142 €
Waveline DC6000
 13.200  6.000 l/h  4,4 m  55 w  283 €  21,2  109  135 €
Sicce Syncra SDC 7.0  17.500  7.000 l/h  5 m  65 w  399 €  17,5  107,7  189 €
Ecotech Marine Vectra M1  24.375  7.500 l/h  6,5 m  80 w  419 €  17,9  93,8  189 €
Hydor Seltz D 12000 28.800  12.000 l/h  4,8 m  90 w  180 €  67  133  213 €
Corallinea Pulsa 12000
 30.000  12.000 l/h  5 m  100 w  193 €  62,2  120  237 €
Ecotech Marine Vectra L1  37.375  11.500 l/h  6,5 m  130 w  539 €  21,33  88,5  307 €


As you can see the economical efficiency is very high, totaling the highest results in our ranking (on paper). Moreover the Hydor Seltz D 12000 has the record of 67 liters per euro. Even from the point of view of the “proper” efficiency, that is the liters per watt, they continue to stay at the top of the category, with again the 12000 and its enviable record of 133 liters per watt. We’re looking forward to test the two pumps in the next days, in order to see if they will be able to maintain their promises.

The last thing about the behavior of the chart head-rate of the three Hydor Seltz D that you see here below.

Pompe di risalita Hydor seltz D - grafici a confronto

The curve is downward, as expected, and wider than if we connect the two extremities, in particular for the 12000 l/h. This is the behavior that every pump should have.

The Hydor Seltz D 6000 is sold for 124,90 euro while the elder sister 12000 for 179,90 euro. A very low price, ad we have already said at the beginning, that opens the purchase to every aquarist. Two controllable and powerful pumps, with very optimal performances.

Pompa di risalita hydor seltz D 12000 - efficienza allo stato brado

Return pump Hydor Seltz D 12000

We’ll be able soon to test their performances. Moreover we’re going to insert them in aquarium to see their response in real conditions of functioning.