Orphek updates its own Atlantik and Compact ceiling lights line

Rack di Plafoniere Orphek Atlantk V4 e Compact

For its own tenth anniversary Orphek has updated its own peak ceiling lights, the Atlantik V4 and the Compact, improving so many of their aspects.

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Starting from a ceiling light considered by many as optimal, Orphek intervened in all of those aspects that can appear secondary, but that can actually improve immensely the ceiling light itself.

The starting point was the light spectrum, which, since the results obtained from the corals didn’t want to change, Orphek decided to enhance all the side aspects, those which weigh on, if you like, on the quality itself of the object you reached for.

A new application for programming, a new wireless module, faster and steadier, new leak proof connectors and the cos(fi) was brought to 0,97. To these aspects you can add up improved and certified fans, a new internal wiring, new acrylic, new screws coated so that they’re corrosion resistant, the connection board shell is now coated so that it is corrosion resistance and anti saline intrusion.

Plafoniera Orphek Atlantk V4

New aluminum components, improved heat sensor, new custom lenses of 90, 60, 45, 15 and 5 degrees that you can install on every single cluster.

Basically, the ceiling light is still the same one we know, but the side aspects changed for the better. If we also consider that Orphek‘s thinking allows us to keep the body and change driver and internal boards, this new shell was made to last even longer than the previous ones.

Plafoniera Orphek Atlantk V4Of course this isn’t reason enough to switch from a V4 to a V4 Gen. 2, even if maybe someone could think about purchasing the new communication board, but if someone still owned an older ceiling light, this would be the perfect moment to upgrade.