Revive Coral Cleaner – it prevents stress and eliminates parasites

Revive Coral Cleaner

Revive Coral Cleaner

This fabulous product, the Revive Coral Cleaner, is used by Two Little Fishes. It has been developed by Julian Sprung, with the aim of cleaning and revitalizing corals.

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Revive Coral Cleaner can be used before inserting new animals in the aquarium, or after having created new frags. It prevents stress symptoms and eliminates the parasites that we may have accidentally introduced in.

It’s possible to use it like a cure for parasites and infections. You can use it upon SPS, LPS, Anemones and Zoanthids.

It contains Oleum abietis, a resinous substance extracted from fir bark, and Citrus limon, that is a lemon extract. They’re natural products that don’t harm the animals, don’t darken or cause problems to them. The Revive Coral Cleaner seems to be safer than a betadine bath (usually used with the same purpose).

How does a Revive Coral Cleaner treatment work?

The Revive Coral Cleaner treatment in itself is very easy:

  • Get the necessary amount of water from your tank using a graduated jug;
  • Add 40ml of the product every 3,8l of water (however, maintain the proportions);
  • Leave the corals 5 minutes in this healing bath;

  • Move the animals for few minutes in order to drop potential parasites (don’t exceed 10 minutes);
  • Put them again in your tank in a place with a moderate flow and an average lighting, for a first phase of adaptation;
  • Toss the water used for the bath.

 How much is it?

The product costs 16,19 € on amazon (direct link here), and it’s definitely something to have in your shelf!

It can help you avoiding unpleasant episodes with parasites, otherwise it can also help you against bacterial infections in your aquarium… Remember that prevention is always the most effective method!

Does anyone else use it and have stories to tell?

[text by Luca Gallizio]